Part III carries Viewer’S VIEW 25 to 50. I am sure my esteemed viewers will find a happy recap.



Your Great Global Guru’ Google’

It is 4G and unbelievably advanced.

Its subject knowledge

As wide as the globe.

We cruise across the world

And on the entire terrain

We get to know and remain

A store- house of knowledge.

Anything questioned

Everything answered.

A lone context

Our request.

Different interpretations

We get back.

From there for us

To navigate other areas

So tirelessly and comfortably.

The journey never ends

We need only to fore stop

Only to restart

To our convenience

Any time any day.

We become tired and retired

The Google adamant and rest-less

A boon to the Mankind.



On your LOWE- Story:


Just now I was going through the above.

You have elaborately dealt with Opportunities therein.

As mentioned by you, opportunities are many.

It is for our taking, no doubt.

Methods to reach them too are varied.

Your own ‘ Lost Opportunities’ and ‘Wasted Efforts’ were clearly enumerated.

Many a times we cry over the spilled milk, knowing full well that it is over once and for all.

We regret having missed the opportunity and it is for us not to repeat the same mistake but to apply our mind instantly and make it our companion and proceed with the journey unhesitatingly.

The same is the case with Wasted Efforts.

But then the efforts are worth making for it will come to our rescue at the appropriate time.

So we have to grab it whatever it is.

It will serve the purpose intended.

Yes, Fearlessness is Bliss.

The following lines in your today’s post speak well of Fearlessness:

“”Fear is delirium

Requires ‘ valium’

Kills one millennium.”

A phobia it is.

It is imagination pure.

Nobody is unknown to it

An invisible virus

Sticking with us

Reluctant to part with us.

A gift it is

To be fearless.

Everything will pass

So too fear lying with us.

We know not how the moment

Next will be.

Anxiety and curiosity

Will kill the present.

So let us cross the bridge when it comes.

Hope for the best

Will make our tomorrow

Enjoyable one.

Fearlessness the key

To unlock and make us happy for ever.


It’s really great you’ ve hit the 13000- mark.

It’s equally great that your ‘Thoughts’ made rounds in so many countries.

It’s still more great that an ‘ LICian’ has made this a possibility.

Please accept my congratulations.

So the speed with regard to the spread has reached a level to announce its rapid acceleration, so to say.

Go unhindered and uninterrupted and spread your Wings of Thought moe ferociously and make them felt right and long.


A fine presentation on LIC Day.

The road LIC travelled was long.

It continues to go further and farther.

Never to stop its glorious journey.

Ever for us to feel its presence.




What not

Could not undo its growth and prosperity

Enabling our nation to find the wherewithal

For a smooth gliding in its efforts

To make the People’s projects effective.

Wishing all connected with LIC the BEST.


Pebbles in the rice

Irritates people’s eyes.

Adulteration is a crime.

It spoils the health of consumers who are unfortunately at the mercy of unscrupulous traders bent on minting money.

Black marketers are also in the waiting to do their part by extracting extra money from the buyers.

Pricks come from all sides not knowing how to be relieved of the pain.

Where did they mortgage their conscience?

Let them redeem it for the benefit of the common man.


Just now I browsed your thoughts on Teachers’ Day falling shortly

Your reference to teachers as Angels is voluminous enough to describe their special role to the society.

As you mentioned, the caliber of society as a whole has changed for the worst, which is not palatable.

The impact of wider exposure of external environment greatly corrupts youngsters to the point of no return.

This necessitates the importance of Moral Education apart from the formal one.

This is quite possible only by your ANGEL.

The responsibility being heavy, the teacher must be more like students in that they update themselves on a regular basis.

A role model he is, the teacher must set an example by himself and teach children discipline, ordained by the GOD to the ANGEL.



A Day

A Special Day

A very Great Day

For Brotherhood and Sisterhood-

That is Raksha Bandhan,

Well reminded of.

Sorry, reminders we need

For sisters to exhibit their love

To their Brethren.

For brothers to pledge their care

To their sisters in turn.

Mutual it is, not ritual anymore.

Happy will we be

To see this a way of life.

Animals, we are not.

Social animals, we are at that.

A society sans animal instincts

Our real concern.

Makes sure, no more of Nirbhayas.

Reflects meaningful culture

We rightly boast of.




On Rakshabandan

Information well shared.



Conceived are the Dreams.

Delivered are the Results.

In between are the unfailing Efforts.

And everyday be a DREAM DAY.



August 28 ·

Our instant reaction to what happens to us is the main reason behind our stress and strain.

Here Acceptance is the best remedy for the melody.

“Come what may, I won’t react, rather proactive”- must be the approach we have to adopt.

May be this will come to our rescue and leave us unperturbed.

Humans are endowed with the sixth sense and it must be possible for us to withstand, nay, to fight back with vigor and vitality and drive the killer far away beyond our view.



The life spirit and mind in th man make him think, feel and act and this accompaniment drives him further and further , and stirs all his senses transforming silence and calmness to stress and strain , becoming in the process , a slave to his own inventions.



So much about thunder.

I never imagined , the sound and fury of thunder could be music to our ears.

The poem has opened my eyes to the hilarious dimension of thunder.

Hapy to hear of its translation into Chinese language.


Music captivates people to the extent of our being oblivious to what is happening around us.

Yours a good presentation on the subject.


Statistics reveal the ever- growing popularity for your ‘ Thoughts’.



Yes, Fearlessness is a Bliss.

The following lines in your today’s post speak well of Fearlessness:

“”Fear is delirium

Requires ‘ valium’…

See More


With you I pay my homage, Sir.



Nature’s way of doing things is always a riddle.

At the same time its contribution to all living things is immense, and incalculable

Failure to thank nature is a crime we can say.

So let us preserve it for what it is.



It really is funny that we have a Day especially for ‘ Bad Poetry’.

You quoted: “Poetry is the language of the soul”.

So poetry is poetry

Like what you have said

Shakespeare is Shakespeare

So long as it emits

What is inside of the soul.

What comes out

May be raw.

Polish able it is

To one’s outlook

And enjoyable.

Touching our heart

Kindling it further

Exposing its theme

Poetry is poetry.

Funny it is

We have

Bad Poetry Day.


I heard your thoughts on ‘ Glorious India- Rear VS Future View-Parts 1&2.

We had a glorious past.

Natural resources were abundant.

Patriotic fervor in yester- year leaders could make India free from foreign clutches.

Different revolutions were able to bring in soaring growth and development of our nation.

Then came the financial reforms.

With it we witnessed opening up of our economy and a leap in economic activities.

Paying capacity of people increased considerably to the extent of buying not only what they needed but also what they wanted.

What was once considered luxury has become necessity.

In the political arena too a lot of changes have come to stay.

Politics of governance shifted to politics of convenience.

The concept of coalition government showed its head.

Consensus in governance was difficult to reach, making administration not worth its salt.

Politician- bureaucrat nexus spoiled the administration resulting in offering favors.

Transparency In day- to- day activities was given a go – by.

Scandals came to the fore as never before.

Money changed hands

Parallel economy grew.

Its size several times more than the real economy.

Black money and black marketers began to rule the common man.

Price rise became an issue.

No escape from this even for those who could afford.

There were innumerable projects for the betterment of people with allocation of huge funds by the govt.

Of course the benefits were many .

But the middlemen in between swindled huge amount, leaving a little for the intended recipients.

To be fair, the Legislature, the Executive, and the Judiciary must perform their roles independently without overstepping one another.

Ethical standards of both the ruler and the ruled must increase.

Favoritism must never be resorted to by those in authority.

Merit be the rule.

People to be patriotic and perform their duty to the core never to be forgetful about the responsibility placed on them towards their fellow brethren.

Moral values must guide them in life.

And never will they be a hindrance to others.

All these, I hope, will make India still more glorious and make us stand erect in the comity of nations.

This way we can justify the hard- won freedom by our great leaders.

And this will be the best tribute paid to them.

Long Live A Glorious India.


A nice post on International Left Handers’ Day.

Extremes are all the creation of the Lord.

And we accept them as they are.

I suppose the adverse is capable of facing them with the God- given will- power.

We could see them in action.


Attributes of leadership well stated.

An ideal leadership brand brought out.

A model better followed.


You have clearly and rightly highlighted the responsibility of coast guards and their difficulties involved in discharging the duty they are entrusted to


. Your thoughts on “World Food Day” are fine.

And the slogan for the year, “Social Protection and Agriculture” is very apt ,for these two aspects are issues necessitating global intervention to ensure a society fully protected from many ills like violence, child abuse, drug menace, etc., and starvation.

In the absence of peace nothing positive can happen in a country.

The prevailing law and order problem may put the government in a fix and the valuable time is lost which otherwise could have been used productively for the betterment of people.

In the absence of equality as between the citizens a cordial atmosphere is ruled out resulting in chaos everywhere.

Governance gets affected and a government cannot fulfill the aspirations of the people.

and keep them happy.

Food being one of the most important needs, a govt.must ensure food for all, because poverty will lead to a loss of valuable lives.

Agriculture needs to be put on the top priority and left no stone unturned to increase the output of agricultural produce.

The dwindling agricultural land area is a problem to be solved on a war footing as it results in low production particularly when the need for them is actually more due to alarming increase in population growth.

Farmers are the backbone of a country and it’s only reasonable that they are well taken care of and their requirements met in full so that they concentrate on agriculture and make supply of production commensurate with the actual demand.

So keeping this year’s slogan in mind let the governments around the globe take it as a challenge and act to make it work favorably to all!!!

(48) 17/10/15

Thank you very much for reminding us “International Poverty Alleviation Day”.

‘Why at all poverty’ and

‘How can it be contained’–you have explained them briefly but clearly in your today’s post.

Poverty is a global phenomenon and a grave situation calling for the attention of world leaders.

A basic need, food is still a distant cry for millions and millions of people.

May be poverty for many the will of the God.

Yet the primary duty of a government should be a guarantee of food for all.

Whatever at its disposal should be geared to meet this fundamental requirement so that no one retires to sleep with an empty stomach.

Governments the world over concentrate on growth of various industries purely on commercial lines and this probably relegates agriculture to the back and in the process it’s jeopardized to the utter dismay of the people. This trend has to change for the better.

Like many noble professions on this earth, agriculture tops the list and the farmers toiling for this cause can feel legitimate pride in their calling.

As you said, hard work and industry can deliver the results and the need fulfilled not withstanding any attending obstacle that may occur.

And finally a fine quote you have made to the effect that poverty per se is not a disgrace but our failure to arrest it!!!

Let us not stop with attributing reasons for the melody but proceed with definite solutions for the problem

And create a world free of poverty.

And ensure an all round development globally.


  1. 18/10/15

Okr Sivagnanam

Your “Emotions and Expressions” reads very fine.

God created man with emotions and feelings.

The power of differentiation he is endowed with keeps him special as such.

Naturally, to decide what’s right or what is wrong must be easy for him.

This faculty must come in handy for him whenever he expresses an emotion for a human being cannot be emotion-less.

Peace, happiness and harmony being the watch-words individually or jointly with family members, promoting them become our responsibility.

Spreading happiness wherever we are should be our mission.

It must be our goal not to hurt others while expressing our genuine emotions.

As you said this culture has to be planted in the minds of children so that it becomes habitual for them from the early stage of their life.

There are people who hurt us and make us angry.

Display of anger towards them may not serve any purpose nor do we get relieved.

Here managing our anger is our concern or else we make ourselves vulnerable to other influences with negative impact on us.

So if we make it a point not to retard back but remain cool in ventilating our emotions the damage foreseen is averted and a peaceful atmosphere ensured.

Let us justify God’s gift and behave ourselves with practical approach to life and never get inflated with ego to mar our relationship with fellow humans.

50. 19/10/15.

Your “Breeze” today is gentle

And hence enjoyable too.

Nature and God distinctive

But know not “Distinctions”.

Breeze being nature’s creation

Is no exception.

But man, the creation of God,

An embodiment of discrimination.

No hesitation to share

Your feeling that

Honesty is punished

But dishonesty rewarded, and

Innocence taken for granted

But influential benefited.

How great will be

A situation where

A balance is struck

And discriminations

Disappear to make us

Equal in all respects!!!

N V Subbaraman’s book being released in the INTERNATIONAL X LITERARY FESTIVAL held in THIRUVANANTHAPURAM on 27/12/2014. N V Subbaraman is the author of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com


Say it with flowers!


Yes; at 09.16 hours just now on Sunday the 22nd November,

total number of VIEWS crossed 22000! Thanks for ur contd support.

N V Subbaraman


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