International Day on Violence against Women. (25/11)

God has created every one equal-man or woman

Where is “MAN” without “WOMAN” to be taken care of!

How does the masculine pride lead him to brutality?

To be dealt with all over the Globe in all severity!


Weaker sex is weak- not that they cannot be strong

Their role and duty is confined to play a part never wrong

Man and his brutal sensuality cause of miseries

Needs intervention at the international level!


Oh! My Lord no rule and law can enforce discipline

You and Your Grace can alone mend the crooked!

Parents, schools, leaders- spiritual and political

Have a great role to play in nursing a society right!


In this connection a poem titled “RAPE NOT! TORTURE NOT! KILL NOT!”


My dear child of five

Sure you don’t deserve

A rape, a torture

Nor a kill – failure

Of the society.

A mind so filthy!

My dear Mother Earth

Millions you’re worth

Deserve not torture

Loss for bright future!

Neither rape nor kill

Mankind to fall ill!

Guilty be punished

Punished and buried!

May this mighty world

And sure to be bold

To save the Mother

Earth and its children!





In India womanhood is revered as Gods yet……………..???????












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