A great holy day of joy and prayer to day

Hindus all over the world and for others too

To fast and feast, offer prayer to all sacred day

Great indeed is its significance to bless and woo!


Gurunanak Day- observe the Sikhs

Light of Festivals –observe the Jains

And visit Palitana- their holy pilgrimage

Homage to departed souls observe the Muslims

Birth day of Lord Karthikeya observe the Hindus

Mathsyavatar day-for Hindu devotees

Dev Diwali days- Festival of lights for Gods

Demon Tripusara killed by Shiva!


Dispeller of darkness is light- the day of light

For the women young and old provide great delight

New attires all over, delicious offer to God

Firework and crackers adding to Divine splendor!


Ignorance to go and wisdom to dawn in all

Vices to go and virtues to take over all

Evil forces to be defeated and noble forces to win

May this Day usher in peace and plenty over the globe!









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