God has created the world and all living beings

To live in peace and harmony, health and joy sure

Alas, by his own wrong ways and means against nature

He gets into trouble and suffers a hell very pure!

Of the many taking toll in thousands over the globe

One is HIV warranting WORLD AIDS DAY today!

World Health Organization holds a campaign serious

Making the people aware of AIDS and sufferings!

“The Time to Act is Now” –theme of the current year

Towards ‘GETTING TO ZERO’ in this disease the killer

Prevention sure is better than cure we all know

Yet the world over, millions suffer –do not know!

Young or old, lettered or unlettered of either sex

Fall a victim many a time reasons beyond control

Ending aids not a dream- reality ahead

Make the people aware and beware of causes!


Health habits clean, ever conscious of good health

Remembering the old saying “Health is wealth”

Following basic rules of food, drink and exercises physical

All sure to help us without falling a prey-  eternal!






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