Home is not a building made of

Cement and mortar

Wood and steel

Bricks and stones

Marble and granites

Tubes and chandeliers!

Though of course essential!

Roses and jasmines

Plants and trees

Do add beauty but makes not

An ideal home!

Essential of course but

Not sufficient to make

An ideal home!


Human body is not something made of

Bones and joints

Blood and flesh

Eyes and ears

Hair and teeth

Hands and legs

Nails and fingers!

Essential of course but

Not sufficient to make

An ideal human!


Home and humans

Sacred and holy!

Need to be kept

Neat and tidy

Cool and warm

Clear and clean

Strong and serene

With people

Young or old

Rich or poor

Sick or healthy

Men or women

Learned or otherwise!

All should have

Mind sans fear

Heart sans bias and hatred

Mind sans malaise and prejudice!

Every one should be

With love and affection

Respect and regards

Towards all

Known and unknown

Good and bad

Strong and week

Timid and meek!

Every one should be

Blessed with

Heart with compassion

Mind with nobility

Face with smiles

Ears to hear all good words

Tongue to speak the truth and sweet

Eyes to see all the good on earth

Hands to help and legs to lead!

Home becomes a heaven

Elders not put in old age home!

My beloved God

May all the homes on earth

Be the homes I wish!





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