I am conscious of the fact that this is a universal phenomenon, yet………..

Great country, great people

Noble thoughts, noble deeds

Hallowed Himalayas, reverberating rivers

Fertile fields, magnificent minerals

Fascinating forests, flora and fauna

Lovely languages, lovely people

Seers and saints, philosophers and scientists

Variety of knowledge, variety of culture

Unity in diversity all that we nurture

Love is God, Truth is God

All that we preach sure with nod

Values of life piously pursued!

Ichobad – glory going?

And that indeed is the immediate concern of all the right thinking patriotic citizens of India. How glory is going?

Old order changeth yielding place to new

New order bringeth glory in high view

Along with growth, greed and selfishness in a few

Negative values spread in all its hue!

Older people lamenting loss of values

Younger ones losing faith in moral values

Middle ones mooring neither here nor there

Ship of the Nation inching without care!

What a great people

What a great fall

Violence, betrayal, backstabbing

Jealousy, ingratitude, high cheating

Falsehood, corruption, dishonesty

Deceptions, treachery, infidelity

All that hinders Nation’s progress

All that plunders people’s wealth!

All we need is a Mahatma’s lead

All we plead is noble deed

Another form of freedom struggle

To ensure peace and plenty free from peril!

Shall we get another Mahatma

To involve the intellectuals

To galvanize the society

To integrate the fractured nation

To infuse faith and confidence

To inject oneness and brotherhood

To lift us from lethargy and indifference!

Oh! My beloved Mother Bharath!

Let me set my vision so high

Let my Bharath soar to sky

Let these winged words fly and fly

Till we see the Heaven so nice!

Where are we going at the moment? Here is an unfortunate picture:

Great people, great country, great standards, great morals

Was   India that is Bharath-spread of viral

Here and there, fall of standard ethical, moral

Shame on my Mother India-Bharath Matha!

Killers eulogized, their statues garlanded shame

A temple sought to be constructed- nasty game!

Patience-tolerance- intolerance-virtue and vice?

May God give all of us sense to distinguish nice!

Capital punishment sought to be abolished

How murderers and assassins to be punished?

If none has a right to put an end to a life

Given by God, the creator, how I get that right?

What a fall of standard-ethical and moral

A mahatma is the need of the day to guide!

Values the nation cherished for long be revived

Let us get back that golden era- Almighty!

Another area that causes concern is the fall in physical standard of the people. Thanks to advancement in the medical sciences average longevity has gone up considerably, quality of life has seen a fall in the standard. How to explain the youth suffering from obesity, hypertension and diabetes? May be wrong food and health habits? Fast food culture spreading fast?

Can we revive the glory of that great India? Yes when God grants our prayer and the people become conscious of their sacred duty towards our Motherland :

Beloved God! Bless us with good sense

Sense that will act as a great fence

Fence that will protect us and cleanse

Cleanse our thoughts, words and deeds quite tense!

Infested with wrath and envy

Sans reasons – anger, jealousy

Against kith and kin, friends and foes

Drenching with pain, bringing all woes!

Beloved God! Bless us with good sense

Sense of love and warmth quite intense

To shower on all known – unknown,

Good-bad, young -old, poor-rich; seeds sown!

Sown to see them sprout and grow well

Lasting love and peace to prevail

Bringing harmony to the world

Bless us all with good sense- Our Lord!

An optimist’s view:



And till this day’s

Pain and pangs

Sufferings and sorrows

Falls and failures

Poverty and penury

I do see a

Silver lining

Bright tomorrow

Absolutely bright

Based purely on

Efforts and efficacy

Of hopes and prayer!


A bright and prosperous tomorrow

Seen through my inward eyes

And its melodies

Heard through my inward ears!

I take a resolve here and now honestly to work for it as I am conscious of the fact that it is all in the hands of individuals- individual in the form of a parent, teacher, politician, administrator, social activist, religious worker/ leader- to make or mar the society!


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