Chapter  Nineteen

அதிகாரம் 19



1 அறம்கூறான் அல்ல செயினும் ஒருவன்

புறம்கூறல் என்றல் இனிது.

Aram kooraan alla seyinum oruvan

Puramkooral enral inithu.

Though speaks not virtues

Good not to back- bite others

That brings him tributes!

Even though one is not very virtuous and being accused of, it will be great and he will be praised if he does not indulge in backbiting. (181)

  1. அறன் அழீஇ அல்லவை செய்தலின் தீதே

புறன் அழீஇப் பொய்த்து நகை.

Aran azhee alavai seydhalin theethae

Puran azheep poyththu nagai.

It is worse than sin

To backbite and in ones front

Talk nice and smile thin!

It is worse than non-virtuous, when in the absence of the ‘other’ indulges in back biting the ‘other’.          (182)

  1. புறம்கூறிப் பொய்த்துயிர் வாழ்தலின் சாதல்

அறம்கூறும் ஆக்கம் தரும்.

Puramkoorip poyththuyir vaazdhalin saadhal

Aramkoorum aakkam tharum.

Death is sure better

Than backbiting and deceit

God bestows glitter!

Scriptures will say that it is ideal to suffer poverty and penury and die instead of living with ignominy of backbiting.                            (183)

  1. கண்நின்று கண்அறச் சொல்லினும் சொல்லற்க

முன்இன்று பின்நோக்காச் சொல்.

kaN ninru kaNarach sollinum sollarka

Mun inru pinnoakkaach chol.

Speak with compassion

Or not in front; back biting

Be shunned with passion!

Whether we speak kindly and with compassion on the face of one or not, we are not to indulge in back biting and speak ill of others in their absence. (184)

5 அறம்சொல்லும் நெஞ்சத்தான் அன்மை புறம்சொல்லும்

புன்மையால் காணப் படும்

Aram sollum nenjaththaan anmai puramsollum

Punmaiyaal kaaNappadum.

Speaking wise and nice

With deceit in mind is seen

Through backbiting vice!

One can understand the hollowness of a person who speaks of virtues without ant intension of following by the way in which he speaks ill of others in their back a cruel vice.                     (185)

6  பிறன் பழி கூறுவான் தன்பழி யுள்ளும்

திறந்தெரிந்து கூறப் படும்..

Piranpazi kooruvaan thanpazhi yuLLum

Thirantherindhu koorap padum.

Back biting begets

Back biting sure from others

Shun the vice – target!

The one who speaks ill of the other in his back must be prepared to accept and analyse what is being spoken about him in his back. (186)

  1. பகச்சொல்லிக் கேளிர்ப் பிரிப்பர் நகச்சொல்லி

நட்பாடல் தேற்றா தவர்.

Pagachchchollik kaeLirp pirippar nagachcholli

Natpaadal thaetraa dhavar.

Divide by backbite

Unite not with pleasing words

Sure to hell they ride!

The one who does not know how to speak kind and earn friendship is likely to lose his other friends by speaking ill of them in their back. (187)

  1. துன்னியார் குற்றமும் தூற்றும் மரபினார்

என்னைகொல் ஏதிலார் மாட்டு.

Thunniyaar kutramum thootrum marabinaar

Ennaikkol aedhilaar maattu.

Who tom-toms friends’ fault

Sure to back bite the others

A joy to him smart!

If those who speak ill of their own friends in their absence,  how much they will backbite those who are not their friends and that indeed will be a joy for them.  (188)

  1. அறன்நோக்கி ஆற்றுங்கொல் வையம் புறம்நோக்கிப்

புன்சொல் உரைப்பான் பொறை.?

Aran noakki aatrungkol vaiyam puramnoakkip

Puncol uraippaan porai?

May be earth feels sad

To hold the sinner on hand

The backbiter bad!

Probably Mother earth feels it is her duty to hold even the sinners who speak ill of others in their absence and yet the Earth may feel sad. (189)

10.ஏதிலார் குற்றம்போல் தன்குற்றம் காண்பிற்கின்

தீதுஉண்டோ மன்னும் உயிர்க்கு.

Aedhilaar kutrampoal thankutram kaaNpirkin

Theedhu uNdoa mannum uyirkku.


If one deems faults find

In others his, shuns backbite

No harm to mankind!


How nice it will be if the one who finds fault of others and backbite, to find out their own and give up backbiting?                            (190)






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