Goa State Assembly Campus

Goa’s one of the beaches.

Anomaly it was Goa continued under the French rule

Though India got its freedom at midnight from the British rule!

Momentous occasion was its liberation from the French

Holy Nineteen Sixty One December nineteenth in a crunch!


“Goa liberation Day” is today- “Operation Vijay”

Ending age old Portugese rule exploitative and dissatisfying,

Became finally a part of India a great day of joy

Fresh breath of valuable freedom and liberty enjoying!


Panaji the capital of the newly granted statehood full

Enjoying art and culture, education and economy

Great and unique: with pride, excitement and enthusiasm

We remember the great people who sacrificed and won freedom!


Goa takes great pride in the pleasant and peaceful social set-up

Attracting tourists from far and wide to enjoy –nature’s beauty,

People’s hospitality, religious and sacred places

Providing pride and pleasure in plenty not in  tiny traces!




N V Subbaraman in front of the Goa’s famous church


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