Farmer’s tilling his land

Said Mahatmaji “India lives in its villages”

Great truth as the farmers feed the mankind as villagers

Agriculture- back bone of Indian economy

Farmers, therefore, the back bone of Indian harmony!


Country boasts of rich harvest and we observe farmers’ day

Paying tributes good, to take care is better-golden day!

What is there behind the rich harvest-it is given here

May the society resolve to make their life better!


Behind that long stretches

Of green paddy field

Along the rivers that fetch

Copious water for greater yield

Giving life to millions

Poor and rich, young and old

Providing food for billions

Health and strength, making bold

Ready for harvest

Grown in earnest

I see the picture

Grace of Nature

Intense labour

Half naked

Starved stomachs

Pain and strain

Sweat and toil

Dawn to dusk

In mud and water

For weeks and months

Hands in hundreds

With crabs and snakes

Pests and insects

In Sun and rain

With meager wages!


It is quite relevant to think of the great words of wisdom Saint Poet THIRUVALLUVAR on “FARMING” as quoted below:

Chapter 104

  1. Farming though hard is foremost trade

Men ply at will but ploughmen lead.                (KuraL 1031)

2. Tillers are linch-pin of mankind

Bearing the rest who cannot tend.                (Kural 1032)

3. They live who live to plough and eat

The rest behind them bow and eat.                 (KuraL 1033)

4. Who have the shade of cornful crest

Under their umbra umbrellas rest.                    (KuraL 1034)

5. Who till and eat, beg not, nought hide

But give to those who are in need.                          (Kural 1035)

6. Should ploughmen sit folding their hands

Desire-free monks too suffer wants.                     (KuraL 1036)

7. Moulds dried to quarter-dust ensure

Rich crops without handful manure.                      (KuraL 1037)

8. Better manure than plough, then weed;

Than irrigating, better guard.                                (KuraL 1038)

9. If landsmen sit sans moving about

The field like wife will sulk and pout.                   (KuraL 1039)

10. Fair good earth will laugh to see

Idlers pleading poverty.                                       (KuraL 1040)


Bharathi’s praise for farmers.

Great poet Maha kavi Subramaniya Bharathi sang in praise of FARMING in these lines:

“We bow our heads to farming and trade

We deprecate those idlers who eat and enjoy.

We waste not our energy in watering the weeds

We waste not our services for serving the useless.”

Farmers with their seedlings







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