Chapter Twenty three

அதிகாரம் 23



  1. வறியார்க்குஒன்று ஈவதே ஈகைமற்று எல்லாம்

குறியெதிர்ப்பை நீரது உடைத்து.


Variyaarkkuondru eevadhae eegaimatru ellaam

Kuriyedhirppai neeradhu udaiththu.


That is charity

When given to the have-nots

Rest but vanity!

What is given to the poor according to their needs is indeed charity; otherwise it is in expectation of something in return.        (221)

  1. நல்ஆறு எனினும் கொளல்தீது; மேலுலகம்

இலெனினும் ஈதலே நன்று.


Nalaaru eninum koLaltheedhu maellulagam

Ileninum eedhalae nandru.


Ethical yet bad

Is to beg; to give is bliss

Though heaven denied!

Of course it is good to get something from others; yet it is not correct. Even though one is denied of heaven, it is bliss to do charity.    (222)

  1. இலன்என்னும் எவ்வம் உரையாமை ஈதல்

குலன்உடையான் கண்ணே  உள..

Ilan ennum evvam uraiyaamai eedhal

Kulan udaiyaan kaNNae uLa.

It is noble’s wont

To say “no” but give to needy

Who plead “no” and seek!

It is a virtue to give to others before one pleads on the ground he is poor.          (223)

  1. இன்னாது இரக்கப் படுதல் இரந்தவர்

இன்முகம் காணும் அளவு.

Innaadhu irakkap padudhal irandhavar

Inmugam kaaNum aLavu.

Sorrow limitless

Till they see the seeker gets

Givers’ joy boundless!

Real joy lies in seeing the person who sought something, given that leads to a happy face on the receiver. Sympathizing is of no avail.    (224)

  1. ஆற்றுவார் ஆற்றல் பசிஆற்றல், அப்பசியை

மாற்றுவார் ஆற்றலின் பின்.

AAtruvaar aatral pasiaatral apasiyai

Maatruvaar aatralin pin.

Hunger won is strong

Stronger who feeds the hungry

To feed them, they throng!

The saintly have will power to fast; the virtue of charity gives greater willpower to those who give and naturally the needy throng to the givers.            (225)

  1. அற்றார் அழிபசி தீர்த்தல் அஃதுஒருவன்

பெற்றான் பொருள்வைப் புழி.

Atraar azhipasi theerthal ahudhu oruvan

Petraan poruLvaippuzhi.

Feeding the hungry

Is the good one to store

Makes future happy!

One has to feed the needy poor; and that indeed is the greatest wealth one earns and kept in his iron chest for his future joy.                     (226)

  1. பாத்தூண் மரீஇயவனைப் பசிஎன்னும்

தீப்பிணி தீண்டல் அரிது.

PaaththooN mareeyavanaip pasi ennum

TheeppiNi theeNdal aridhu.

Hunger pains him not

Who shares his food with needy

Heaven keeps a slot!

The one who shares his food with others in need, will never be afflicted with hunger.                              (227)

  1. ஈத்துஉவக்கும் இன்பம் அறியார்கொல்? தாம்உடைமை

வைத்துஇழக்கும் வன்க ணவர்.

EEththu uvakkum inbam ariyaarkol? Thaam udaimai

Vaiththu izhakkum vanka Navar.

Not the joy they know

Of giving to others; who

Earn, save and let go!

Those who do not give but only earn,  save and lose, do not know the joy of charity.           (228)

  1. இரத்தலின் இன்னாது மன்ற நிரப்பிய

தாமே தமியர் உணல்.

Iraththalin innaadhu mandra nirappiya

Thaamae thamiyar uNal.


That should give more pain

When one shares not his food earned

Than when he begs – a stain!

Without giving to others in need, those who keep for themselves and enjoy, is more saddening and disgraceful than the one who begs for food.               (229)

  1. சாதலின் இன்னாதது இல்லை; இனிதுஅதூஉம்

ஈதல் இயையாக் கடை.

Saadhalin innaadhadhu illai; inidhu adhoom

Eedhal iyaiyaak kadai.

Nothing gives more grief

Than death – but that is sweeter

When no means to give!

Nothing gives greater grief than death; but even that death is sweet compared to the pain of one’s inability to give to the needy in charity.      (230)


These indeed are the poor and needy hands – young and old- to be given charity and taken care of in the world..

Great National POET Subramania Bharathi said ” If a single individual is to go without food, let us destroy the whole world”!

“தனி ஒருவருக்கு உணவிலை எனில் ஜகத்தினை அழித்திடுவோம்”

(Kindly look for ENVIUS THOUGHTS-A VIEWER’S VIEW Part IV in tomorrow’s SUNDAY STORY)

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