Avid viewer enjoying nature and thinking of ENVIUS THOUGHTS

On 6th December, Part IV covering Mr. OKR Sivanganam’s views from 61 to 80 was published in Sunday story and this week we find from 81 to 100 in Part V by way of recapitulation!

81. 22/11/15

Your post on ‘Equity’, voiced by Valluvar is a must- read by one and all.

Equity is a great virtue deviating from which leads one to his destruction, while observing it strictly keeps his wealth for generations to come.

He becomes great and noble and his material possessions are but real jewel and ornaments provided he values the virtue of equity in all circumstances.

So long as considers this quality as meaningful, nobody can pass a negative comment on his poverty.

Whatever he has earned forgetting the importance of equity is to be discarded as if it has lost its real value.

One being righteous in thought, word, and deed results from following equity and

his business is bound to prosper surely.

Let us be honest in our interaction with others, never be impartial to anybody and treat all alike in all situations and have ‘equity’, as our real companion to accompany us wherever we go!

  1. 24/11/15.

Your ‘ LET HER SLEEP ‘, today beautifully expresses your heartfelt concerns of a girl- child once she reaches her teens.

The age of childhood is a very great gift and she gets whatever required at the mere cry she makes.

Apart from getting her daily food, occasional smiles we see, and of course her cries, she is quite safe, secure, and happy quite oblivious to what is happening around her.

But the trials she has to undergo once she is grown up are many, making her life a challenging one.

Problems one after another, in the queue, haunt her and she feels at a loss to find a suitable remedy.

Once out of adolescence, she begins to understand what life is and tries to mend her ways towards the common good of the family.

But the responsibility placed on the woman, in general, makes compromise a daily requirement and she takes the life as such sometimes happily and sometimes sadly.

Taking all these into consideration, your suggestion that Let Her Sleep is very apt as she won’t find time to have that type of sleep later in her life!!!

  1. 26/11/15

I read your special post on National Law Day- India 26/11.

It’s very fine.

The Constitution of India is our sacred and supreme Law Book of our nation.

Everything pertaining to the governance moves the way dictated by our Constitution.

The society evolves in various ways and never remains still.

Holding contrary views is ultravires of constitutional provisions the interpretation of which lies with the Judiciary.

Integrity of our country is foremost and committing any misdeed is to be severely dealt with.

We are thankful to our makers of the valuable constitution for the road map they have laid down for our benefit.

It’s in the fitness of things for us to safeguard our Law Book in all possible ways by adhering to the tenets in letter and spirit and remain true law- abiders and justify our lawful existence without hindrance to our brethren!

  1. 27/11/15. Valluvar explains the importance of good conduct and character in our life in the Chapter 14″ On Good Character “.

And your post with detailed explanations makes the concept well comprehensible.

Good character ensures a great, happy, and noble life to all.

While we can relearn anything good we have learnt but forgotten, character once lost is lost forever.

Just as wealth fears to reach the jealousy, greatness fears the characterless.

People with good character and conduct are equated with ferocious tigers that do not eat grass even if it’s hungry.

They never talk ill of others even by a slip of their tongue.

As bad character results in misery and disgrace, and as our learning loses its value if we are not aware of how to move with the society of which we are also a part, why should we not value character that’s more valuable than the life itself and make it part of our life?


I share your views on ” Individual is Responsible “, that you’ve posted today.

The main reason for what society today is seems to be our indifferent attitude towards ‘values’ we’ve held so dearly so far.

That an individual is responsible for the present situation cannot be denied.

If everyone is serious about how we should behave in public and in private the society as a whole is necessarily bound to be a right one.

Educational institutions once considered centres of discipline are necessarily to regain its original status and moral education should be an integral part of our formal education we offer.

Sensitive issues ought to be dealt with in a delicate manner without giving room for tit- for- tat reactions aggravating the situation.

Media must show restraint as to avoid sensationalizing an issue for the purpose of commercialization.

They should never be the cause for rendering the society intolerable one.

As citizens we must take responsibility for our actions and never blame others for the ills we suffer from.

We are to be unselfish and view others’ problems as our own.

Common cause must be our individual cause too.

We must drain money power and muscle power out of our psyche and usher in a peaceful society.

Security and safety of our life must be ensured as life is very much valuable.

We must safeguard the modesty of our girl children and women at any cost as they are nowadays the target of the anti- social elements.

Child labour and child abuse should be given a go- by and education to them made the first priority.

Everyone taking responsibility for whatever is happening around can do miracles in our lifestyle and in the conduct of our nation!

86. 30/11/15.

Valluvar’s voice on

“Desiring Not Other’s Spouse”, is strong enough to chide the sinner who commits adultery.

Your accompanying meanings exhort people to shy away from this worst form of sin which is a shame on those desiring the spouse of another.

The virtue of chastity is meant for both men and women.

And the strict practitioner considers this an equivalent to his very soul.

A faithless friend aspiring for other’s wife is as good as dead and hated by all and the greatness of which he may boast himself doesn’t serve any useful purpose.

The adulterous gets not redemption and he loses all the good things otherwise available to the noble, virtuous, and chaste on this earth.

The fear of unholy adultery to make one never accommodate this ill-feeling in his mind and refine him from committing this crime!!!

87. 1/12/15.

Your “World AIDS Day “post today creates an awareness on the implications of being afflicted with the deadly HIV condition.

Lack of immunity in the human body coupled with wayward attitude against nature is behind this serious condition.

More than anything else, a joyous and healthy living is a great wealth we can feel proud about.

Clean habits make oneself safe from this disease and a proper food pattern with a regular exercise schedule will make us free ourselves from the impacts of unhealthy situation.

The prevalence of many diseases takes away our valuable lives.

HIV is one among the many killer diseases.

As in other conditions, here too prevention is better than cure as you’ve pointed out.

Precaution on our part has a lot to do with diseases particularly acquired by us.

The theme of the current year that “The Time to act is Now” is apt as delay would aggravate the problem and our target ‘ towards getting to zero ‘ may not be comfortably achieved.

Let us be blessed with a disease- free society to make us available for performing good deeds to ourselves and those around us!!!


Valluvar’s views on “The Glory of Patience” are exemplary and their impact on our daily life is great.

And you have clearly explained the concept for the benefit of the viewers.

Noble are those who can afford to put up with wrong doings by others with utmost patience.

They are rightly equated with Mother Earth showing patience even to those disturbing it with continuous digs.

God resides in those who not only bear with wrongs by others but forgetting it altogether.

Abundant patience keeps nobility intact.

Our inability to host is the worst form of poverty.

Likewise our possession of patience is the best of all strengths and it’s also worth more than gold.

While one may get temporary joy in punishing those harming us, the joy we get out of patience is permanent.

The arrogant people bent on harming us are easily won over with good things done with patience.

Our greatness lies with our capacity to patiently bear the intensity of evil words uttered by others.

That is much greater than penance done with fasting.

Why not we practice Patience as it ensures our being saintlier than Saints themselves, and also nobler than the Nobles?


  1. 6/12/15.

Happy to find your “A Viewer’s View”, covering my comments up to 19/11/15.

I consider it a great privilege to continue with my views for your posts.

I wish, if time permits, you comment on them for any discrepancies if any and give me an opportunity for refinement.

Hope you are now back on track after the Chennai flooding and continue with your posts as usual!


  1. 7/12/15.

Your ‘Flag Day’ post yesterday is superb.

You’ve depicted how great the services are from our Armed Forces when the occasion demands.

Their selfless service cannot be compared to anything.

They sacrifice their lives for the nation and come to our rescue in times of distress and the hardships they undergo are unlimited.

They leave their family apart and take care of our brethren under all situations guarding our territory from foreign attacks.

And on the occasion of the Flag Day, let us pledge to honor all the personnel of our Armed Forces by contributing liberally to the Fund and encourage their continued service to our Mother Land!

  1. 8/12/15.

In your post “Jealousy the Evil “, you’ve very well explained the evils inherent in being jealous, as put forth by Thiruvalluvar in his beautiful verses.

Not being jealous with others’ wellbeing is the greatest of all assets and and one is ensured of all the grace, name, and fame in life.

Such noble people will never harm others in jealous as they are well aware of the rot they are going to get in return.

The power of being jealous is such that even their relatives suffer without food and clothes.

It is a great evil capable of bringing one foes and woes uncalled for and takes his fortunes away apart from inflicting misfortunes on him, thus proving it a double- headed monster.

That the jealous are wealthy and the noble are poor is a point for thorough examination.

In view of the fact that jealousy may rob one of his hard- earned wealth and that it may even drive him to the hell, why on earth he should practice this evil?

  1. 9/12/15.

Thank you very much for your “Human Rights Day”, post enumerating our rights and duties as truthful citizens of the nation.

We are guaranteed rights aplenty in our everyday life.

The right to :

Do any work, anywhere,

Practise any religion,

Information concerning us,

Express our opinions,

And what not

They are correct so long as they do not interfere with the legitimate happiness and wellbeing of others.

As you rightly pointed out, any right without proper duty attached to it is unacceptable.

Just as violation of a right is deplorable, over- indulgence of any right too is unpalatable.

In the name of maintaining human rights, tampering with genuine legal proceedings ending with due punishment is also not advisable.

There is no second opinion about attaching value to Human Dignity


  1. 10/12/15.

Your 300th Post since 28th Feb, 2015–

‘Tale of a Blogger’ Part- 6-a pleasant read and quite enjoyable one!

My congratulations on your view score having crossed the magical number 23600!!

You cannot simply be otherwise than humble for you are referring yourself as a ‘Casual Writer’ in spite of 37 Books you have penned, both Verse and Prose and in languages Tamil and English and that you are a Translator Excellent conferred by a Literary Organization apart from your lectures on Personality Development, Literary Pursuits and what not!!!

Humility thy name is NVS!

Surely you’re an Achiever and your joy is not out of place!!!!

You’ve also referred to your previous posts on Chennai Holocaust putting countless people in distress.

Nature’s bounty is unfathomable and we have to take, as you said, pain and pleasure as blessings of nature.

What we deserve is for the Nature to decide and we have no say in it.

And your reference to overdose as being a punishment for whatever wrongs we the people have committed should be taken as such and we must do good as to get what we actually need and nothing more or less.

And as a repeated appeal, let us pray the Almighty and the Nature to bless the people appropriately!

Your topics dealt with in blogs are definitely of interest to us the viewers, and you’ve the necessary strength and power to pursue your chosen activity in full vigor and sustain the ever- increasing interest in the viewers.

  1. 11/12/15

Your ‘Bharathi Day’ post on the occasion of Subramania Bharathiar’s 133th birth anniversary, translating a poem written by Kavimani Desika Vinayagam Pillai on Bharathi is very nice.

That Bharathiar’s Tamil songs are nectar- like and that his songs represent only Truth without fear or favor is what’s special about his works.

That the Tamils must have done noble deeds to have Bharathi born in Tamil Nadu is indicative of the greatness of the nationalist Poet.

Let us adore Bharathi with praise and garlands on this occasion!

  1. 11/12/15

Your ‘UNICEF DAY’ post today is unique in the sense that children today need care and assistance as never before.

You’ve rightly termed today’s children as future citizens of the world.

The UNICEF being an organ of United Nations Organization is apt in having Education and Health as the primary goals set for the benefit of children.

Health is Wealth and Education is fundamental to Life.

That around 20 million adolescent girls in India are still out of school as you’ve pointed out is a matter for worry and it’s imperative that not a single child is left out of the purview of Education.

The role of the UNICEF is all the more important as child abuse is on the increase now.

Overall improvement in the standard of life of the children is a necessity for the prosperity of humanity as a whole.

The United Nations take care of the member countries and settle disputes by its interference at the appropriate time as occasion may demand.

Let us on this day pledge to work along with the UNICEF for promoting the interests of children on a priority basis!


  1. 12/12/15.

You gave a wonderful, holistic, flawless, and an ideal definition for an ideal home in your  ‘Home is Not…..But!’ post today.

That a home is not simply one made up of essential materials and decorated with trees and flowers, but with the presence of people with an unbiased mind showering love, affection, and respect to all and, with all human organs signifying nothing but all the good towards others, is very clearly made out by you.

That our homes and our selves are considered sacred and holy, place on us the responsibility of keeping them in good shape and clean always.

It must be everyone’s wish that our homes are for the elders who need not go out and seek protection in old age homes!!!

  1. 13/12/15

Your detailed post today on

‘Fall of Standard’ brings in the agony we are undergoing in various spheres of life.

In a single post you have drawn the real picture of ‘what India today ‘ is!

Legitimately we have boasted of greatness about our country and our people.

We possess all the natural resources in abundance.

There’s no dearth of intellectuals and philosophers from whom we had the necessary guidance to follow in the course of our life.

We have achieved considerable material growth; but we witness a wide chasm between haves and have- nots.

In the process we have lost our virtues to all the vices.

This is something like what we enact a deficit budget in our Indian Parliament – expenditures always overtaking our income from various sources.

With medical advancements it was possible for us to enhance our longevity.

But our wrong food and health habits have rendered it rather a burden on us.

A return to traditional ways can afford to reverse the current trend.

A righteous approach, a little unselfishness, a reasonable thinking, and a high regard for common good on the part of all individuals can get back us to the past glory definitely.

Let us not encourage wrong doers by making them heroes and let them be dealt with appropriately by the law of the land.

The degradation of society with a fall in moral and ethical values can be overcome if we have the will to do it.

Let us put an end to the today’s problems by sowing the seeds of clean thoughts, words, and deeds and welcome a bright tomorrow.

Let us take this as a conscious duty so as to see a nation full of peace and prosperity.

As opined by your good self, it all depends on the efforts of each individual to go back to the Golden Age in all respects.

  1. 14/12/15

You have explained the importance of energy conservation in your today’s post

‘National Energy Conservation Day’.

That it is very precious and that we have to observe everyday as Energy Conservation Day is rightly pointed out by you.

In spite of various sources we look to, for our energy requirements, we face shortage due to its ever- increasing need.

The only remedy is to conserve it by using the energy sparingly, avoiding wastage to the maximum extent possible.

People must increase the awareness level so that the gift we have from the Nature is used to our maximum advantage.

Let us swear to make it work by our judicious use of energy all the time!

  1. 16/12/15.

Your yesterday’s post on ‘Coveting Not’ by the Saint Thiruvalluvar clarifies the benefits of not coveting the belongings of others.

What we get will be commensurate with our efforts and what we are entitled to.

This will ensure our satisfaction and happiness.

When we aspire for what others possess, it’s a disgrace we earn for ourselves and we may even lose our possession that’s in no way advisable.

For the simple joy of temporary nature, we are prepared to part with the joy that’s going to make us contented.

This is definitely not a wise approach to act on.

So let us learn to be happy with our belongings and avoid disgrace befalling on us!

100.. 16/12/15

I hear the Voice of Valluvar

‘Against Backbiting ‘ through your post on 16/12/2015.

That backbiting is more than a sin is doubtless indeed.

Talking sweet and nice while one is present and resorting to backbiting in absence is hypocritical.

We get back nothing but backbiting by talking ill of others, whether they be our friends or not, in their absence.

We need not be virtuous, and kind and compassionate towards others and yet, that is not considered a fault when compared with our backbiting.

That death due to poverty is preferable to backbiting talks volumes on the ill effects of this sin.

Let us avoid this worst sin, conscious of the negative impact it creates!


N V Subbaraman

in his office as Sr. Divisional Manager of Kadapa Division of LIC of India during 1995-1998.

As informed in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com on 20th December under the title “IN PURSUIT OF TRANSLATION LITERATURE” in an impressive function held here in Chennai Hotel Palmgrove, I was honored with the title “மொழியாக்கச் செம்மல்” (An accomplished Translator) by the South Indian Social and Cultural Academy. Retd. Madras High Court Judge Hon’ble Pon. Bhaskaran handed over the trophy.
With regards.
N V subbaraman

Subbaraman Nagapatnam Viswanathan's photo.
N V Subbaraman being presented the trophy by Justice Pon. Bhaskaran, Rtd. Judge of Madras High Court.

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