Chapter Twenty Four

அதிகாரம் 2



1.ஈதல் இசைபட வாழ்தல் ; அது அல்லது

ஊதியம் இல்லை உயிர்க்கு.


Eethal isaipada vaazdhal; adhu alladhu

Oodhiyam illai uyirkku.

Giving to the poor

Living with joy, peace and fame

Renown forever!

Poor must be helped;  that indeed is the life of joy, peace and renown; any life other than this is not so.                                              (231)

  1. உரைப்பார் உரைப்பவைஎல்லாம் இரப்பார்க்கு ஒன்று

ஈவார்மேல் நிற்கும் புகழ்.

uraippAr uraippavai ellaam irappaarkku ondru

Eevarmael nirkum pugazh.


They speak of his fame

Who gives all to those who seek

Renowned in life’s game!

What the world deems and speaks of fame and renown is the noble mind of the person who gives his all for the poor and needy.                 (232)

  1. ஒன்றா உலகத்து உயர்ந்த புகழல்லால்

பொன்றாது நிற்பது இல்.

Ondraa ulagaththu uyarndha pugazh allaal

Pondraadhu nirpadhu il.


It is one’s renown

That stands permanent in world

As is shining sun!

Nothing stands permanent in the world other than the fame and renown that one gets.                                                (233)

  1. நிலவரை நீழ்புகழ் ஆற்றின் புலவரைப்

போற்றாது புத்தேள் உலகு.

Nilavarai neezhpugazh aatrin pulavaraip

Poatraadhu puththaezh ulagu.


The one by his deeds

Gets renown in this vast land

He is blessed by Gods!

The one who gets permanent fame and renown on earth will be blessed in heavens and Gods in heaven.           (234)

  1. நத்தம்போல் கேடும் உளதுஆகும்: சாக்காடும்

வித்தகர்க்கு அல்லால் அரிது.

Naththampoal kaedum uLadhu aagum saakkaadum

Viththagarkku allaal aridhu.

Though dead, their fame stands

Through giving, their wealth shrink

Ignoble can’t stand!

Though one’s wealth shrinks by serving the needy, his fame and renown will go on increasing even after the death of such noble persons.                       (235)

  1. தோன்றின் புகழோடு தோன்றுக; அஃதிலார்

தோன்றலின் தோன்றாமை நன்று.

Thoandrir pugazodu thoandruga ahudhilaar

Thoandralin thoandraamai nandru.


Those born must get fame

By their deeds divine and great

May others be not born!

Those who are born in this world must attain fame and renown; otherwise they are not born at all.          (236)

  1. புகழ்பட வாழாதார் தம்நோவார் தம்மை

இகழ்வாரை நோவது எவன்?.

Pugazhpada vaazhaadhaar thamnoavaar thammai

Igazhvaarai noavadhu evan?

Who live not with fame

Should blame themselves, not others

Good himself to tame!

If one is not able to get fame, name and renown he has to blame himself; there is no meaning in blaming others. Who can help?    (237)

8.வசையென்ப வையத்தார்க்கு எல்லாம் இசைஎன்னும்

எச்சம் பெறாஅ விடின்.

Vasiyenba vaiyaththaarkku ellaam isaiyennum

Echcham peraa vidin.

They say it’s a shame

If by thoughts and deeds noble

Who fails to get fame!

What that remains after one’s death is only his fame and renown.  Those who do not earn, become the object of scorn and shame.  (238)

  1. வசைஇலா வண்பயன் குன்றும்; இசைஇலா

யாக்கை பொறுத்த நிலம்.

Vasaiilaa vaNpayan kundrum; isaiilaa

Yaakkai poruththa nilam.

Mother earth ashame(d)

And field’s yield shrinks, when she has

To bear men sans fame!

The land that is not in a position to bear the people with fame, name and renown is ashamed and the yield of crops on the land gets shrunk. (239)

  1. வசைஒழிய வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்; இசைஒழிய

வாழ்வாரே வாழா தவர்.

Vasai ozhiya vaazvaarae vaazvaar isaiozhiya

Vaazhvaarae  vaazhaadhavar.

Men renowned do live

Those sans are dead though alive

Men have lot to give!

Only the men who attain fame and renowned without giving room for abuse and disgrace are the living men; others, though alive, are dead.  (240)




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