Chapter Twenty Seven




  1. உற்ற நோய் நோன்றல் உயிர்க்கு உருகண் செய்யாமை

அற்றே தவத்திற்கு உரு.

Utranoay noanral uyirkku urukaN seyyaamai

Atrae thavaththirkku uru.

That is penance true

Not hurting others – their hurt

Accept with grace pure!

True penance is accepting sufferings with grace and not causing hurt and sufferings to others.  (261)

2.தவமும் தவமுடையார்க்கு ஆகும்; அவம் அதனை

அஹ்திலார் மேற்கொள் வது.

Thavamum thavamudaiyaarkku aakum; avamadhanai

Ahdhilaar maerkoLvadhu.

Prayer sans desires

For the desire less – the rest

Futile to desire!

Penance fits in with only those who are virtuous-desireless. That appearance of a person doing penance is futile.               (262)

  1. துறந்தார்க்குத் துப்புரவு வேண்டி மறந்தார்கொல்

மற்றை  யவர்கள் தவம்.

Thurandhaarkkuth thuppuravu vaeNdi marandhaarkol

Matrai yavarkaL thavam.

Penance they give up

May be to serve the noble

Sure it gives a pep!

Is it in order to serve the holy people who are doing penance that the householders do not go on penance?                                 (263)

4. ஒன்னார்த் தெறலும் உவந்தாரை ஆக்கலும்

எண்ணின் தவத்தான் வரும்.

Onnaarth theralum uvandhaarai aakkalum

ENNin thavaththaan varum.

Penance provides sure

Power to win, strength to help

The foes and friends pure!

A noble person doing penance alone can have power to win over the wicked and strength to help the pure and noble.                         (264)

5. வேண்டிய வேண்டியாங்கு எய்தலால் செய்தவம்

ஈண்டு முயலப் படும்.,

VaeNdiya vaeNdiyaangu eydhalaal seythavam

EeNdu muyalappadum.

Gets what you wish to

Do penance here and now

What every one looks to!

By doing penance one can achieve what one wants; the householders can also practice penance.                       (265)


  1. தவஞ்செய்வார் தம்கருமம் செய்வார்; மற்று அல்லார்

அவஞ்செய்வார் ஆசையுள் பட்டு.

Thavanjcheyvaar thamkarumam seyvaar; matru allaar

Avanjcheyvaar aasaiyuLpattu.

He who in penance

Minds his duties – others stray

Get lost; look askance!

Those who are in penance in fact are people who perform their duty all right; others simply stray away and get lost.                        (266)

7 சுடச்சுடரும் பொன்போல் ஒளிவிடும்; துன்பம்

சுடச்சுட நோற்கிற் பவர்க்கு.

Chudachchudarum ponpoal oKividum; thunbam

Chudachchuda noarkir pavarkku.

Gold more and more shines

As fire roasts; men in penance

Get pure by more pains!

Gold shines better with more and more of heating; similarly with more and more of sufferings those who practice penance become wiser and stronger; they in fact shine like gold in course of time.                      (267)

8. தன் உயிர் தான் அறப் பெற்றானை ஏனைய

மன்னுயிர் எல்லாம் தொழும்.

Thanuyirthaan arappetraanai aenaiya

Mannuyir ellaam thozhum.

Those who through penance

Shed desires – humans around

Salute, seek solace!

Those nobles who as a result of doing penance shed their desires are respected and revered by all who are unable to give up desires.    (268)

9. கூற்றம் குதித்தலும் கைகூடும் நோற்றலின்

ஆற்றல் தலைப் பட்டவர்க்கு.

Kootram kudhiththalum kaikoodum noatralin

Aatral thalappattavarkku.

Through penance he gets

Strength divine – can defy death

Great power he nets!

Since those great people doing penance get all the strength and hence free from sufferings, can defy death and challenge the Lord of Death!     (269)

10. இலர்பலர் ஆகிய காரணம் நோற்பார்

சிலர்; பலர் நோலா தவர்.

Ilarpalar aakiyakaaraNam noarpaar

Silar;  palar noalaadhavar,

Many poor, some rich

All rests on penance-power

Many care not much!

The reason for less people to be strong and rich and more people to be weak and poor is, those who do penance are less and those who do not practice penance are more.                               (270)


2 thoughts on “VOICE OF VALLUVAR Part 27.

  1. The virtues of penance are well brought by Sri Subbaraman. Penance stregthens body and mind.Through penanance people face challenges of life , glitter like gold not withstanding the blows, keep their distinctive identity , come out successful kvvsprasad


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