Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri! (11/1)

Short in height, quite tall in stature was Shastri

A great disciple of Mahatma Gandhi!

Staunch Congress man and patriot, brilliant

Worker, fond Nehruite fought for freedom bright!


Railway Minister resigned on moral ground

On an accident at Ariyalur-around!

After freedom won, joined Jawaharlal

Many ministries in charge handled tall!


“Jai jawan, jai kisan” nice slogan he gave

Hailing jawan and kisan raising their fame!

“Miss a meal a week”- a wise call Shastri gave

Which I follow even today with respect great!


The common man’s leader Lal Bahadur was

In the nation’s memory, he  will never pass

A calm and quite, erudite and simple man

Sure finds an exalted place in the heaven!


Indo-Pak war was called off with Tashkent talk

God called Shastri to HIS lap. Nation to thank

For all what he did to lead the nation right

Though posthumous “Bharat Ratna” fits quite tight!








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