Camels with their strong and sleek legs can run quite fast!


God’s creations are wonderful! We bow in reverence

Among the millions, the ship of the desert-brilliance!

Great Tar desert and in its mist lovely Bikaner-a wonder

One has to personally experience and wander!


God gives the opportunity to enjoy to the blessed

I was one to live, love, enjoy doubly blessed

In early nineties thanks to my great employer

Extreme climate, yet enjoyable-people and culture!


“Ship of the Desert”- the lovely camel, quite majestic

Rightly honored with CAMEL FESTIVAL-they dance to music

Camel races, neck shaking camel rides, folk dances great

Parade of camels decorated in the back drop of Junagarh Fort!


Bikaner the sole camel breeding region takes pride

The gentle beasts raised here enrolled in the Army-wide

The camel corps-“Ganga Risala” served in wars many

Brave camels serve in the Border Security Force loyally!

Camel parade in the back drop of Junagarh Fort.



Please look for my 350th post titled TALE OF A BLOGGER PART VII- on Sunday the 24/1/16. Thanks.


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