Chapter 33

அதிகாரம் 33



  1. அறவினை யாதெனில் கொல்லாமை கோறல்

பிறவினை எல்லாம் தரும்.

Aravinai yaadhenil kollaamai koaral

Piravinai ellaam tharum.

What is a virtue?

Non – killing! Top of all sins

Killing – none should pursue!

Virtue lies in not killing any living being; killing leads to all other sinful things. (321)

2. பகுத்து உண்டு பல்லுயிர் ஓம்புதல் நூலோர்

தொகுத்தவற்றுள் எல்லாம் தலை.

Paguththu uNdu palluyir oambudhal nooloar

ThoguththavatruL ellaam thalai.

Share thy food with all

Saving others – top virtue

The wise find it tall!

Top virtue as enshrined in the books of wisdom and morals is sharing the food with others and saving them.                          (322)

3.ஒன்றாக நல்லது கொல்லாமை; மற்றுஅதன்

பின்சாரப் பொய்யாமை நன்று.

Ondraaga nalladhu kollaamai matruadhan

Pinsaarap poyyaamai nanru.

Virtue of virtues

Non – killing sure; next in rank

Not lying – virtue true!

Ideal virtue is not killing; next is speaking truth.                                   (323)

4. நல்லாறு எனப்படுவது யாதெனின் யாதொன்றும்

கொல்லாமை சூழும் நெறி.

Nallaaru enappaduvadhu yaadhenin yaadhondrum

Kollaamai soozhum neri.

That is the right way

Not to kill any life sure

Save – the great will say!

Right way to lead life is not killing any living being; that indeed is a noble virtue.                                              (324)

5. நிலைஅஞ்சி நீத்தாருள் எல்லாம் கொலைஅஞ்சிக்

கொல்லாமை சூழ்வான் தலை.

Nilaianji neeththaaruL ellaam kolaianjik

Kollaamai  soozhvaan thalai.

True – he is a saint

Who kills not others – a sin

Holier than saint!

Instead of becoming a saint in fear of woes of family life, those in family life observing strictly not killing living beings are greater and nobler. (325)

6. கொல்லாமை மேற்கொண்டு ஒழுகுவான் வாழ்நாள்மேல்

செல்லாது உயிருண்ணும் கூற்று.

Kollaamai maerkoNdu ozhuguvaan vaazhnaaLmael

Sellaadhu uyiruNNum kootru.

The Lord of Death fears

To visit the non-killer

Puts him not in tears!

To the one who follows the noble principle of not killing any living beings, even the Lord of Death-Yama- will not have courage to visit and take his life off.                                  (326)

  1. தன்உயிர் நீப்பினும் செய்யற்க தான்பிறிது

இன்னுயிர் நீக்கும் வினை.

Thanuyir neeppinum seyyarkka thaanpiridhu

Innuyir neekkum vinai.

Killing is a sin

Though his own life is at risk

The wise try to pin!

Even in order to save himself from the risk of death, he should not think of killing the other.                                               (327)

8. நன்றாகும் ஆக்கம் பெரிதெனினும் சான்றோர்க்குக்

கொன்றாகும் ஆக்கம் கடை.

Nandraagum aakkam peridheninum saandroarkkuk

Kondraagum aakkam kadai.

The gains of killing

The noble never desire

Though some are mulling!

The senseless people will think  great of the gains of killing others; the noble will feel very bad about it.                                     (328)

9. கொலைவனையர் ஆகிய மாக்கள் புலைவினையர்

புன்மை தெரிவா ரகத்து.

Kolaivanaiyar aakiya maakkaL pulaivinaiyar

Punmai therivaa ragaththu

The butcher knows not

The sin of killing – whereas

The wise know – kill not!

The butcher does not know the sin and disgrace of killing; the wise people know and hence do not kill.                                      (329)

10. உயிருடம்பின் நீக்கியார் என்ப; செயிர்உடம்பின்

செல்லாத்தீ வாழ்க்கை யவர்.;

Uyirudambin neekkiyaar enba seyirudambin

Sellaaththee vaazhkkai yavar.

Who suffer a hell

In this birth, sure butchers last

The learned so tell!

The wise people say that those who suffer in ill health and poverty should have in the past killed the living beings and thus committed sin.          (330)



I hope you don’t mind me saying this. I find the Tamil, then the English and the translation a bit confusing. I think it would be best to use different fonts or colours.

All the very best!”

As per Mr. Amra Ismail’s suggestion TRANSLITERATION has been differentiated from TRANSLATED  VERSE with a different color. Thanks again Amra.

Happy to share with you my esteemed viewers that on the night of 24-25 January  the total views of the blog has crossed TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND at its 350th POST. I whole heartedly thank you all for your inspiring support and solicit the same in the days to come too.


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