(Originally the martyrdom of the soldiers while defending the sovereignty of the country during the freedom struggle was remembered on Republic Day)

The country was not built in a day sure we know

Sacrifices selfless of thousands made the show

Of the thousands, Father of the Nation was one

By leadership qualities and moral force he won!


That moral force never exerted power but influence;

That is the effect produced by him on the minds

And actions of the others- quite great affluence

Not by the fear of punishment very kind

Or hope of reward; but by the others’ quite free

And intuitive acknowledgement of his intense

And intrinsic superiority- not seen

In the world till his birth and life with a sharp sheen!

(The niece of Mahatma Gandhi places flower petals on his brow as he lies in state at Birla House, New Delhi)

Greatness of Mahatma not seen by the senseless

Assassin sixty eight years ago –heartless

Godse chose to kill him in a manner stealthy

To whom the statues and temple sought to be built!


Gandhi Funeral Procession While India mourned


The grateful nation pays homage to him today

To reaffirm our faith in Gandhiji’s ideals and pay

Respects to the man tallest in the Bharath sure;

Along with him the thousands who served nation pure!


Former Prime Minister paying homage to Mahatmaji on the Martyrs Day





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