Today is Candle-mas day- a holy day- over the world

Three occasions celebrated in churches – many years old

The presentation of the Child Jesus –an occasion great

Jesus first entry into the temple –occasion next a treat!


The Virgin Mary’s purification –sacred occasion sure

All the three occasions great celebrated with hearts quite pure

People all over the world of all faiths and beliefs to wish well

Nice Christian brothers and sisters for their joy with merry bell!


Jesus to them is “a light of the world”-candles are blessed now

Candle light procession to precede the mass all over with glow

Family members prepare and cook crepe holding a coin in hand

Believed to assure wealth and happiness all the year with band!


“Thamaso ma jyothir gamaya” -Hindus’ Vedas say

‘Let light dispel darkness around all’- whole heartedly pray;

“Lead kindly light amidst the encircling gloom” -we plead

God, truth, wisdom – light, bound they are to effectively lead!


Presentation of Christ at the Temple by Hans.


I am glad to share with my esteemed viewers that by midnight of 1st-2nd February, total views of ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’   crossed TWENTY NINE THOUSAND! Thanks for your support and I solicit the same in the days to come also.




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