In perfect harmony

Rainbow great design
Human hand can’t ever do
Sure an act Divine!

Of seven colors
Brushing by the Almighty
Flows all His powers! l

Nice colors seven
Lends nobility to men
Lifts us to heaven!

Bow of great colors
Help pierce through the black sky
Brings blessed showers!

His great colored bow
Seen only at nature’s will
Tells us all to love
With harmony live
Spread peace and poise all the while!

Drizzles bring the bow
Rain, the blessings of nature
Gives colors in row!

Grand colors pleasing
Sure relieves all the worries
Nature enchanting!

Pain and joy in life
Sure never lasts for ever
Like colors in file!

Ecstatic delight
Bow of the rain-Creator
The fantastic sight!

Sure nature’s wonder
Who can make it so perfect
One has to ponder!

Bow to the rainbow
Be grateful to that nature
You have to be so!

Hail to Thee Nature
Creator of Great Rainbow
Top in its stature!

Mystic colors sure
You can paint but not create
His creation pure!

Why beauteous rainbow?
To show His grace and strength
His bountiful show!

Oh! Sun and rainbow
In East-west or west and East
Perfect harmony!

                                            The fantastic sight-nature’s gift.
(Kindly look for tomorrow’s Sun day story on “WONDER WORLD OF CARTOONS”).

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