BHagawan Ramana Maharshi

ஈன்றிடும் அன்னையிற் பெரிதருள் புரிவோய்

இதுவோ உனதருள் அருணாசலா.                                                                            (6)

ஈன்றிடும் அன்னையிற் பெரிது அருள் புரிவோய்

இதுவோ உனது அருள் அருணாசலா.

Eenridum annaiyir peridharuL purivoay

Ithuvoa unadharuL Arunaachalaa.

Feel – I don’t, my Lord

Of Holy Hill! my mom

Greater!  True my God!

Thy compassion is much more

I know I have more in store!

You are indeed greater than my mother in showering care and compassion on me. That indeed is your greatness.

Indeed it is the God – All powerful, All knowing and Always present – who is much more caring, comforting and compassionate than any one else living in this world-even more than one’s mother. That is the greatness of God. Fully conscious of this fact Bhagwan Ramana – a realized soul- extols   Arunachaleswara thus.

உனையே மாற்றிஓடாது உ(ள்)ளத்தின் மேல்

உறுதியாய் இருப்பாய் அருணாசலா.                                                                      (7)

உனையே மாற்றி ஓடாது உ(ள்)ளத்தின் மேல்

உறுதியாய் இருப்பாய் அருணாசலா.

Unaiyae maatri oadaadhu u(L)Laththin mael

Urudhiyaay iruppaay AruNaachalaa.

Going out of mind

Your thought – Lord of Holy Hill

Sure sin of a kind!

Reign in thoughts ever straying

Keep me in thy heart enjoying!

Though you are in my heart, Arunachaleswara, mind goes out of control. Please save me from this pitfall.

The monkey mind of the man jumps from one branch to the other without control. It should be our endeavor to control the mind that strays here and there. Ramana, therefore, appeals to AruNaachalaa to help control his mind and perch in HIS bosom firmly with eternal joy-aanandha.!

ஊர்சுற்று உளம்விடாது உனைக்கண்டு அடங்கிட

உன்னழகைக் காட்டு அருணாசலா.                                                            (8)

ஊர் சுற்று உளம் விடாது உனைக் கண்டு அடங்கிட

உன் அழகைக் காட்டு அருணாசலா.

Oorsutru uLamvidaathu unaikkaNdu adangida

Unnazagaik kaattu AruNaachalaa.

Hollow minds totter

Lord of Holy Hill – your grace

I need – not to falter!

Show me Thy effulgent face

To rest in Thy holy lap!

To control the mind that strays towards material world, AruNaachalaa, show me your divine form.

Mind has the natural tendency to stray here and there towards worldly materials and pleasures. To arrest this tendency Ramana pleads with the Lord of the Holy Hill- Arunachaleswara- to show HIS divine form and help him to focus on the inner effulgent self that leads to eternal joy. Yes; the human being is essentially: “Shivoham”; “Aanandhoham”.”Brahmasmi”! He is Shiva, he is Brahma and he is Aanandha! To attain this level of spiritual evolution HIS grace in abundance is a must.

எனைஅழித்து இப்போது எனைக் கலவாவிடில்

இதுவோ ஆண்மை அருணாசலா.                                                               (9)

எனை அழித்து இப்போது எனைக் கலவா விடில்

இதுவோ ஆண்மை அருணாசலா.

Enaiazhiththu ippoadhu enaik kalavaavidil

Ithuvoa aaNmai AruNaachalaa.

Is it fair and just?

Lord of Holy Hill – not to

Rid my ‘ego’ dust!

Remove ego on my part

Take me to Thy holy heart!

Lord of Holy hill! Is it fair and just on your part not to rid me of my ego and thus keep me in your holy heart?

Yearning of any human being must be to merge with the Ultimate, the Absolute viz Paramathma. Normally one’s ego – ahamkara, mamakara, – I and mine- selfishness and greed block the path to reach the goal. Ramana in his intimacy with Arunachaleswara questions HIS strength for not answering his prayer and absorb him totally in HIM!

ஏனிந்த உறக்கம் எனைப் பிறர் இழுக்க

இது உனக்கழகோ அருணாசலா.                                                                  (10)

ஏன் இந்த உறக்கம் எனைப் பிறர் இழுக்க

இது உனக்கு அழகோ அருணாசலா.

Aenindha urakkam enaip pirar izukka

Idhu unakkazhagoa AruNaachalaa.

Just your silence wrong

Lord of Holy Hill – when sense

Ugly pulls me strong!

AruNaachalaa! Is it just on your part to keep silent when I am being pulled down by my ugly senses?

Bhagwan Ramana feels miserable when the ugly senses- basic enemies of the humans- pull him down in a determined fashion and asks his master-Arunachaleswara-Lord of Holy Hill- whether it is right to keep silent and not coming to his (devotee’s) rescue. The realized soul Ramana is, he is justified in taking his Master to task for not coming to his rescue when he needs it! After all, all his pleadings are made on our behalf only!


Kindly note

(1)VOICE OF RAMANA Part V will appear on 15/02/2016

(2)  Total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed THIRTY THOUSAND at 4.00hrs. on Thursday, the 11th February! I am grateful to my esteemed viewers for their kind support and I solicit the same in the days to come also.

N V Subbaraman


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