A creator-whether it is an artist, writer, or poet- makes his work for making it reach as many as possible. If that objective is not fulfilled, his creations have no meaning. In this background, today’s Fourth day’s topic has been chosen very thoughtfully by the COMMONS-BLOGGER 101-Blogging University. Yes today’s topic is


It is indeed great to identify the audience and start writing with a focus on the specific need of that group of “identified audience”.

As I feel that identifying a group is too difficult a task for me, I thought of writing as I felt and there are people with varied interest and they may go through all my posts. If they are not, they wait for the topic of their interest and when they come across it! Veritable statistical data wordpress provides a proof that I am not off the mark in my thoughts in the subject! Viewers and followers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS my blog continue to increase day by day and I am happy with my present posts of SUNDAY story regularly on different themes and Monday through Saturday English poems- translation of great writers like Bharathiyar, Thiruvalluvar, Tagore etc. I in fact wanted to know the response from my esteemed viewers for my posts and one of the posts “A DISTANCE VOICE IS HEARD” (kindly read from the archives). On positive feedback, I continued ‘every day post’!  

Almost in all my posts, viewers will find some photo or the other relevant to the post which I learn my viewers very much appreciate.

Let me continue my present method of postings in this blog for some time; but I am ever open to any literary comment and criticism-positive or negative, which is only going to help me to make a course correction.

I very much value the spirit of this assignment.

Thanks. Let us meet through my next assignment from the COMMONS/ Blogging 101.


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