Today is “World Radio Day”-celebrating radio

A great invention at a time not in the portfolio

Touching lives and connecting people all over universe

The radio- to educate and entertain a great force!


UNESCO a part of the great UN organization

Made in the year two thousand and twelve a proclamation

Thirteenth February each year will be WORLD RADIO DAY!

Observed by all member countries in the way deemed great!


Electromagnetic theory of Maxwell- great scientist

In eighteen seventy three helped designing- a great artist

We have radio and its younger brother television

Provide awareness on and of all in the world as a mission!


For a decade and more on every twenty fifth January

My voice is heard over All India Radio-joyfully

In the National Symposium of Poets- quite happy

Long live Radio listeners and Television viewers!

Centennial Internet Radio

Image result for Image of a Television set.

A Television set.




2 thoughts on “WORLD RADIO DAY (13/2/16)

  1. In our childhood we could not understand how could the radio set accommodate the Nathaswaram player, Thavil Vidwan, and Othu within the small cabinet! There was no one at that time to teach us the functioning of the radio. There were many days when were addicted to the songs broadcast in Radio Ceylon and listen to the voice of Mayilvahanan, followed by broadcast in Hindi. In one way radio is very helpful to a person. It does not rivet one’s attention to a particular place; you can listen to the programmes in the radio and at the same time do your normal work, with the listening pleasure. Thanks for the blog.


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