ஐம்புலக் கள்வர் அகத்தினில் புகும்போது

அகத்தில்நீ இலையோ அருணாசலா                                                             (11).

ஐம்புலக் கள்வர் அகத்தினில் புகும்போது

அகத்தில் நீ இலையோ அருணாசலா.

Aimpulak kaLvar agaththinil  pugumpoadhu

agaththilnee  ilaiyoa AruNaachalaa.

Know not thieves – senses

Lord of Holy Hill – you guard

This home- sans fences!

Where did you go leaving me

To fend for myself sans thee?

When the thieves – five senses- enter me, where were you Lord of Holy Hill?

Man normally is beset with the mischief wrought in by the different senses. Unless we conquer the senses, it becomes impossible to attain divinity. Here Ramana laments that when these thieves entered the home – body- Lord of the Holy Hill- captain of the home- was not there to guard! A human body without sense- control is as vulnerable for committing sins as a garden without fence. Hence Ramana’s lament implying that we the humans must have strong fence to guard us from the evils brought in by the uncontrolled senses. It is the will of the Almighty that protects us.

ஒருவனாம் உன்னை ஒளித்தெவர் வாழ்வார்

உன் சூதேஇது அருணாசலா.                                                                          (12)

ஒருவனாம் உன்னை ஒளித்து எவர் வாழ்வார்

உன் சூதே இது அருணாசலா.

Oruvanaam unnai oLiththevar vaazhvaar

Un soodhae idhu AruNaachalaa.

Lord of Holy Hill!

Who can escape and trespass

It’s all but your will!

Lord of Holy Hill! You are Omnipresent. Despite your presence, if some one has entered me surreptitiously, it is only your mischief!

Ramana feels that when the effulgent light-Lord of Holy Hill- is there, there is no place for darkness. When HE occupies our home-heart- no wrong doer can enter. When HE is within our self, we are perfectly at peace and pure. If it is HIS will that we have to be in darkness, none can help. Hence Ramana pleads with Arunachaleswara to occupy his heart. When you are in, I am safe and secured.

ஓங்காரப் பொருள் ஒப்புயர் வில்லோய்

உனையார் அறிவார் அருணாசலா.                                                                 (13)

ஓங்காரப் பொருள் ஒப்பு உயர்வு இல்லோய்

உனை யார் அறிவார் அருணாசலா.

OhmkaarapporuL oppuyar villoay

Unaiyaar arivaar AruNaachalaa.

Matchless is your grace

Lord of Holy Hill – none can

See, depth of your face!

You are the Truth Absolute

Your greatness none can refute!

Lord of Holy Hill! You are the ultimate. You are matchless in showering grace. Who can fathom your face and self?

Lord oh Holy Hill is indeed Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. He is the ultimate and is verily Omkara and pranava manthra. He is matchless in His compassion and grace. Who can fathom Him? HE is beyond compare. Ramana feels only by absolute surrender one can know Him and realize His greatness-not through ones knowledge and wealth, power and position.

ஒளவைபோல் எனக்குன் அருளைத் தந்துஎனை

ஆளுவது உன்கடன் அருணாசலா.                                                                 (14)

ஒளவைபோல் எனக்கு உன் அருளைத் தந்து எனை

ஆளுவது உன் கடன் அருணாசலா.

Avvaipoal enakkun aruLaith thandhu enai

AaLuvadhu unkadan AruNaachalaa.

None’s but thy duty

Lord of Holy Hill – Save me

As my mom’s bounty!

Lord of Holy Hill! It is your duty to show all my mother’s love and compassion and take care of me.

Mother showers her limitless love and affection, care and concern on her children. None can equal a mother in this respect. Here Ramana beseeches Lord of Holy Hill to give him enlightenment and knowledge about the Supreme like an all compassionate mother and guide him towards Divinity. Bhagwan requests HIS Lord to spare a space for him in His Holy Heart.

கண்ணுக்குக் கண்ணாய்க் கண்ணின்றிக் காணுனைக்

காணுவ தெவர்பார் அருணாசலா.                         (15)

கண்ணுக்குக் கண்ணாய் கண்ணின்றிக் காண் உனைக்

காணுவது எவர்பார் அருணாசலா.

KaNNukkuk kaNNaayk kaNNinrik kaaNunai

KaaNuva thevarpaar AruNaachalaa.

Oh! You are my eyes

Lord of Holy Hill –grant me

The sight blessed twice!

Oh! Lord of Holy hill! I can see you only through my inward eye for which please cast your compassionate eye on me.

Ramana strongly believes that it is AruNaachalaa’s power that gives the power of sight to our physical eyes. Man can see the great Lord not through the physical eyes but through one’s inward eyes which derive the power of sight through HIS immense love and compassion In this verse Bhagwan pleads with the Lord to bless him with the twice blessed sight-first to the physical eyes to see the physical, material world around and next to the inward eyes, through which he can see the world beyond-the Divine and spiritual world-the universe.


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