காந்தம் இரும்புபோல் கவர்ந்தெனை விடாமல்

கலந்தெனோடு இருப்பாய் அருணாசலா.                                                     (16)

காந்தம் இரும்பு போல் கவர்ந்து எனை விடாமல்

கலந்து என்னொடு இருப்பாய் அருணாசலா.


Kaandham irumbupoal kavarndhenai vidaamal

Kalanthenoadu iruppaay AruNaachalaa.

Pure magnet like you

Lord of Holy Hill –attract

Ever be with me too!

Keep me with you for ever

Give me up Lord, never!

Oh! Lord of Holy Hill! Like a magnet, attract my self and keep with you for ever.

Nature of magnet is to attract iron and keep it with the magnet. With all his knowledge –spiritual and otherwise-and the blessings of Arunachaleswara through which Ramana has appealed earlier for twice blessed sight –inward and outward-. Here a doubt nags him that Lord of Holy Hill may leave him (Bhagwan) to fend for himself. Ramana, therefore, here appeals to Iswara that HE should keep with HIM eternally like a magnet that attracts the iron and never gives it up.

கிரியுரு வாகிய கிருபைக் கடலே

கிருபை கூர்ந்தருளுவாய் அருணாசலா.                                                         (17)

கிரியுரு ஆகிய கிருபைக் கடலே

கிருபை கூர்ந்து அருளுவாய் அருணாசலா.


Giriyuru  vaagiya kirupaik kadalae

Kirubai koorndharuLuvaay AruNaachalaa.

Thou art Hill and sea

Lord of Holy Hill – shower

Grace and love on me!

Strong, firm and tall as a hill

Warm, kind and nice as a sea!

Arunachaleswara! You are a hard hill and a gentle sea! Kindly shower on me thy grace and love.

A hill is hard while the mid, deep sea is generally calm and gentle. Bhagwan Ramana in this verse extols the virtues of the Lord of Holy hill and requests HIM to shower on him HIS great grace and love, Grace is extended by God to his devotees unasked! HE knows the needs and aspirations of HIS devoted creations and His benevolence is limitless. Truly devoted do not ask for anything from the Almighty specifically but leave it to HIM to decide what is good and grant accordingly. That indeed helps the devotees not to get disappointed when they do not get what they want and jump to the sky when they get what they desire. That sadhaka is able to accept every thing with a sense of equanimity.

கீழ்மேல் எங்கும் கிளரொளி மணிஎன்

கீழ்மையைப் பாழ் செய் அருணாசலா                           (18)

கீழ் மேல் எங்கும் கிளர் ஒளி மணி என்

கீழ்மையைப் பாழ் செய் அருணாசலா.

KeezhmEl engum kiLaroLi maNien

Keezhmaiyaip paazh sey AruNaachalaa.

Lord of Holy Hill!

Thou art in the low and high

Enlighten me well!

AruNaachalaa! You dwell in the hearts of all-the low and the high-! Kindly remove my lowly nature and enlighten me.

Though all are born equal, by their impact of previous birth and the impact of the society one grows into a noble person and the other becomes a menace to the society. Lord of Holy Hill dwells in the hearts of all- the low and the high-, the noble and the ignoble, the read and the unread, the rich and the poor. Bhagwan in this verse seeks the grace of God to shed his low thoughts, deeds and actions and to remove his ignorance. Ramana wants to be enlightened so that he may reach higher levels in the spiritual evolution. At the cost of repetition, Ramana’s all pleadings are on our behalf.

குற்றமுற்று அறுத்தெனைக் குணமாய்ப் பணித்தாள்

குருவுருவாய் ஒளிர் அருணாசலா.                                                                 (19)


குற்றம் உற்று அறுத்து எனைக் குணமாய்ப் பணித்து ஆள்

குரு உருவாய் ஒளிர் அருணாசலா.


Kutramutru aruththenaik guNamaayp paNiththaaL

Guruvuruvaay oLir AruNaachalaa

Remove ego-filth

Lord oh Holy Hill – make me

Pure-noble as wealth!

Cause of all my ills-ego

Make the filth in me to go!

Lord of Holy Hill! Caused by my ego I am a bundle of sins and crimes. Make me pure and noble through your grace.

It is possible only to a spiritual preceptor to remove HIS devotee’s/follower’s ego which is indeed the cause of one’s crimes and sins. Ramana in this verse appeals to the Lord of Holy Hill to remove all the negatives like ego, selfishness etc. as his spiritual preceptor. Bhagwan is conscious of the fact that even one’s intelligence is overpowered by ego and fails to see the righteous path as ordained by our religions and religious text books. Hence ego to go, God- the greatest preceptor must help.

கூர்வாட் கண்ணியர் கொடுமையிற் படாதருள்

கூர்ந்தெனைச் சேர்ந்தருள் அருணாசலா.                                                    (20)

கூர் வாள் கண்ணியர் கொடுமையில் படாது அருள்

கூர்ந்து எனைச் சேர்ந்து அருள் அருணாசலா.


KUrvaad  kaNNiyar kodumaiyir padaatharuL

KUrnthenaich sErntharuL AruNaachalaa.

Save from the wicked

Lord of Holy Hill – keep me

By your side unscathed!

Senses five are traps and sharp

Help me not to fall and grieve!

Oh! Lord of Holy Hill! I am being tortured by the wicked people around. Be my side for ever and protect me from the evils.

Probably Bhagwan refers to the five senses when he requests the Lord to protect him from the wicked. Senses indeed are traps and quite often we fall into them and get hurt. Ramana is very confident that once the Lord is by the side of the devotee, no wrong can come to him and his senses will not run astray. In God’s presence, senses and mind will be quite under control. Hence this appeal to HIM.


Thiruvannamalai Ramanashram.



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