கெஞ்சியும் வஞ்சியாய்க் கொஞ்சமும் இரங்கிலை

அஞ்சேல்என்றே அருள் அருணாசலா                                                             (21)

கெஞ்சியும் வஞ்சியாய்க் கொஞ்சமும் இரங்கிலை

அஞ்சேல் என்றே அருள் அருணாசலா.

Kenjiyum vanjiyaayk konjamum irangilai.

Anjael enrae aruL AruNaachalaa.

To thee I beseech

Lord of Holy Hill – bless me

To lead life fear-free!

My plea makes you not to move

Bless with thy grace to be free!

Oh! My Lord of Holy Hill! Despite my pleadings, you don’t lend me your ears and save me from the fear of the world.

A devotee in his yearning feels miserable when his prayers are not answered. This condition leads to his accusing the Lord of HIS unkind heart. Ramana in this verse gives vent to his annoyance and says that despite his appeals, pleadings and beseeching Lord of Holy Hill is deaf and does not come to his rescue. Bhagwan re-appeals to AruNaachalaa to instantly appear before him and shower HIS blessings on him to lead a life free from fear for anything.

Fear is the greatest impediment to progress in life.

கேளாது அளிக்கும் உன்கேடுஇல் புகழைக்

கேடுசெய் யாதருள் அருணாசலா.                                                            (22)

கேளாது அளிக்கும் உன் கேடு இல் புகழைக்

கேடு செய்யாது அருள் அருணாசலா.


KaeLaadhu aLikkum unkaeduil pugazhaik

Kaedusey yaadharuL AruNaachalaa.

Unlock your kind heart

Lord of Holy Hill – shower

Thy grace to live smart!

Unasked you bless thy children

Let not thy grace is sullied!

Lord of Holy Hill! You grant the needs of devotees unasked. If you shower not your grace on me, your generosity will have a dent.

Whatever are the needs of the devotees, God grants unasked. That is the nature and greatness of the Lord –all compassionate AruNaachalaa. But aggrieved Ramana pleads with his Lord to unlock HIS heart and bless him with HIS grace and compassion. Bhagwan in his own way warns the Lord of Holy Hill that if HE does not oblige, there will be a severe dent on HIS generosity and compassion which Ramana can not digest as HIS staunch devotee.

கையினில் கனிஉன் மெய்ரசம் கொண்டுஉவ

கைவெறி கொளஅருள் அருணாசலா.                                                       (23)

கையினில் கனி உன் மெய்ரசம் கொண்டு

உவகை கொள அருள் அருணாசலா.

Kaiyinil kaniun meyrasam koNduuva

Kaiveri kola aruL AruNaachalaa.

Verily thy grace

Lord of Holy Hill – I need

Passion – sweet as grape!

Oh! AruNaachalaa! I need your grace to get passionate towards you- you as sweet as grape juice!

Lord’s radiant, effulgent form is something like nectar – fine and divine grape juice. Bhagwan Ramana feels his Master’s grace is as sweet as nectar that makes him passionate towards the Lord of Holy Hill. Though God’s grace and compassion flow torrentially, passion is needed to avail it. Hence Ramana requests HIS grace.

கொடியிட்டு அடியரைக் கொல்லுனைக் கட்டிக்

கொண்டுஎங் ஙன்வாழ்வேன் அருணாசலா.                                               (24)

கொடி இட்டு அடியரைக் கொல்லுனைக் கட்டிக்

கொண்டு எங்ஙன் வாழ்வேன் அருணாசலா.

Kodiyittu adiyaraik kollunaik kattik

KoNdueng nganvaazhvaen AruNaachalaa.

With ego to live

Lord of Holy Hill – a sin

To merge, help me kill!

As if took an oath to kill

My ego, you came and left!

As if to rid me of my ego, Oh! Lord of Holy Hill! you came to kill, but you have left me desolate. Help me to merge in you.

In Bhagwan’s immortal work “KOham?” (Who am I), he has explained various aspects of the life of a human being. We have been seeing Ramana’s pleadings for giving up the ‘ego’, ‘selfishness’ etc which stand as biggest impediments for progressing towards Godhood. Man has to depend on Lord of Holy Hill’ for spiritual and physical emancipation. Giving up the negatives such as ego and selfishness and attain the ultimate in spiritual realm should be the aim and endeavor of the humans. To attain one has to constantly work as ordained in our religious tenets. Ramana here acknowledges that the Lord of Holy Hill did come to him as if HE took an oath to remove his ego, killed and went back. Now his worry is how to get to Lord leaving his mortal coil.

கோபமில் குணத்தோய் குறியாய் எனைக்கொளக்

குறையென் செய்தேன் அருணாசலா.                                                               (25)

கோபம் இல் குணத்தோய் குறியாய் எனைக் கொளக்

குறை என் செய்தேன் அருணாசலா.

Koabamil guNaththOy kuriyaay enaikkoLak

Kuraiyen seythaen AruNaachalaa.

“(e)Xit anger” hard

Lord of Holy Hill- to me

You are free my Lord!

What have I done to deserve

Thy anger! Free me and preserve!

Oh! Lord of Holy Hill! You are peace and love incarnate-know not anger But why with me?

God knows no anger. AruNaachalaa shows anger to none. HE is love-peace incarnate. HE is embodiment of compassion. He bears ill will towards none. All are HIS children. But then why Ramana asks the Lord as to what sin he has committed to deserve HIS anger? It is only to tell the humanity that by our noble and virtuous actions we must deserve HIS love, grace and compassion. We should also get rid of negatives like anger and jealousy which are definite hurdles towards our aim of reaching godhood.





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