கெளதமர் போற்றும் கருணைமா மலையே

கடைக்கணித் தாள்வாய் அருணாசலா.                                                         (26)

கெளதமர் போற்றும் கருணை மாமலையே

கடைக் கணித்து ஆள்வாய் அருணாசலா.

Gowthamar poatrum  karuNaimaa malaiyae

KadaikkaNith thaaLvaay AruNaachalaa.

You were sought by saints

Lord of Holy Hill – cast thy

Compassionate sight!

Lord of Holy Hill! Great saints extolled you and were blessed by your grace

Shower your grace on me.

In Thiruvannaamalai, the Abode of Arunachaleswara, many saints like Gouthama and Arunagirinathar sang in praise of HIM and blessed by HIS grace. Bhagwan Ramana solicits HIS grace and compassion.

சகலமும் விழுங்கும் கதிரொளி இனமன

சலச மலர்த்தியிடு அருணாசலா.                                                                      (27)

சகலமும் விழுங்கும் கதிர் ஒளி இனமன

சலசம் மலர்த்தி இடு அருணாசலா.

Sakalamum vizhungkum kadhiroLi inamana

Salasa malarththiyidu AruNaachalaa.  

Zillion rays – thine

Lord of Holy Hill – protect

Let me blossom fine!

My soul shrouded in darkness

May soul’s lotus bloom in light!

Effulgent light of knowledge you are my Lord of Holy Hill! With your effulgence make the lotus in my heart blossom!

With the dawn of the day – the sun rise- darkness of the previous night disappears. Similarly the darkness inside the self disappears with the knowledge that we imbibe. Bhagawan Ramana prays to his Master to make the lotus inside his heart to blossom with the spiritual inputs obtained through HIS grace.

சாப்பா டுன்னைச் சார்ந்த உணவாய்யான்

சாந்தமாய்ப் போவன் அருணாசலா.                      (28)

சாப்பாடு உன்னைச் சார்ந்த உணவாய் யான்

சாந்தமாய் போவன் அருணாசலா.                                                         

Saappaa dunnaich saarndha uNavaay yaan

Saanthamaayp poavan AruNaachalaa.

Food you turned to me

Lord of Holy Hill-with peace

Food I turned to thee!

Oh! My Lord! You fed me to quench my hunger; in turn I have offered me as food to you. That gave me all peace and joy.

Probably food referred to by Bhagwan here is not in its physical meaning; it refers to the spiritual experience. Ramana surrendered to HIS Lord; Lord in turn swallowed the negatives in the man like his ego, selfishness, arrogance etc.and he has attained realization.-Jeevanmukthi.

சித்தம்குளிரக் கதிர்அத்தம் வைத்து அமுத

வாயைத்திற அருள்மதி அருணாசலா.                   (29)

சித்தம் குளிரக் கதிர் அத்தம் வைத்து அமுத

வாயைத் திற அருள் மதி அருணாசலா.

SiththamkuLirak kathiraththam vaiththu amudha

Vaayaiththira aruLmadhi AruNaachalaa.

Filthy mind blocked, yearns

Lord of Holy Hill – cleanse me

To blossom with thy grace!

Oh! My Lord of Holy Hill! My filthy mind blocks the blossoming of my soul; with your grace make my inner self blossom!

Due to the impurities in our mind and inner self, we are unable to experience the bliss we are. Ramana requests his Lord to cleanse his inner self so that it will blossom and attain a level to experience the Ultimate.

சீரை அழித்து நிர்வாணமாச் செய்துஅருட்

சீரை அளித்தருள் அருணாசலா.                                                                         (30)

சீரை அழித்து நிர்வாணமாச் செய்து அருள்

சீரை அளித்து அருள் அருணாசலா.

Seerai azhiththu nirvaaNamaach seydhu arut

Seerai aLiththaruL AruNaachalaa.

Ignorance veils me

Lord of Holy Hill – reclothe

With compassion-sea!

Oh! My Lord of Holy Hill! My body clothed with five sheaths leading to ignorance refuses to experience bliss; with your compassion kindly reclothe me.

Physical body covered by five sheaths- called annamaya, praaNamaya, manomaya, vignanamaya, and aanandhamaya kosas-. Food, breathing, mind, knowledge and bliss! Once we remove these sheaths, we reach the stage of nirvana. Bhagwan Ramana pleads with his lord to remove with abundant compassion, all the sheaths and cloth him with nirvana to enjoy the bliss without hindrance from any source.


                                    Thiruvannamalai Ramanashram


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