Right it is to get social justice for all in the world

One’s right it is to receive from the world-get the bold.

United Nation’s WORLD SOCIAL JUSTICE DAY is today

Has its own goal and focus of social justice this day!


To focus on the goal to achieve employment for all

Ensuring social integration all over- quite tall!

This day, awareness of the noble goal sought to be spread

A day will dawn when all corners of the world will have –bread!


‘Social justice’ – a great and noble concept not for sure

Political exploitation-nor for election pure

Indeed it is a faith and service to the people poor

To go all out to ensure equality and fair play !


Social justice and decent life for all rich and well read,

Poor and unread not to be let down for their butter-bread

Approach common, action concerted, sincerity great

Bound to bring results desired indeed abundant treat!






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