BLOGGING 101/11.- “The Road Less Traveled”


The new world- new horizon- new air-new rains! All in the WONDERLAND OF BLOGGING!

As a participant in the Blogging 101 of the Blogging University, a seventy five year youth but less than a year old baby blogger ENVIUS THOUGHTS in , I am complying with my eleventh day assignment taking on today’s BLOGGING PROMPT from the Daily Post page. It is “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED”

Yes; I have hundreds of close friends and thousands of friends. “THE ROAD NOT TRAVELED” by thousands, and “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED”  by a few of my known faces, little realizing the GREATNESS of “WORDPRESS”, I was PROMPTED by my journalist son from Bangalore to share my posts with the world through WORDPRESS.COM- a venture in the ROAD LESS TRAVELED!

It was on 28/2/2015 I started my First post and christened the Blog  as ENVIUS THOUGHTS.I have presented this in a detailed manner in one of the assignments earlier. The post was “MY TRYSYT WITH LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA- my five decade association with a premier Public Sector Undertakings in India- my beloved MOTHERLAND.   On the very first day it had about 157 views that made me proud of my creative ability and in fact that prompted me to TAKE THE LESS TRAVELED ROAD in the WONDERLAND OF BLOGGING- BLOGOSPHERE!

Why I venture to call it a Road Less Traveled is that I decided to make a DAILY POST and my today’s post 387th in 360 days- ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DAY’S BREAK!

Society having  recognized me as a bilingual poet-in ENGLISH and TAMIL,  it was my decision to give my esteemed viewers an English poem  from-Monday through Saturday and on all Sundays a SUNDAY STORY on different topics interesting to the readers.  As special posts-poems on the significant days of the year will have content-ex: World Radio day, World No Tobacco Day, Darwin’s day, National Cancer Survivors Day (US), Indian Coast Guard Day, Indian Republic Day, Canada Dominion day,Vasantha Panchami day, Mass Candle day and so on.

In the process, I could translate many epical works in Tamil into English for the benefit of my readers from 188 countries of the globe. They include THIRUKKURAL Tamil couplets – a magnum opus by the great Tamil Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar,  given more than 2000 years ago.  Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi’s FRAGRANT GARLAND IN ALPHABETS written a century ago, Great National Poet MAHAKAVI BHARATHIYAR and so on. Thirukkural and Fragrant Garland etc were translated in HAIKU, Tanka formats!

On my SELF PROMPTS, so far categories covered in my Daily Posts are:


Human Life


God’s creation.

Life’s health and habits.

Life’s challenge


Strength of Mind

Life’s Value    and so on.

Regarding Awards, biggest Award I consider is, “in 360 days of unbroken 387 posts, total view score is more than 31500 from 188 countries with dozens of Followers and scores of comments.”

What else a creative artist wants? Recognition for his work-here it is according to me assessed on the basis of VIEWS. Yes; increasing NUMBER OF views a day and I am indeed immensely happy that nowadays it is more than 100 each day!

One of my posts is “TALE OF A BLOGGER” which I post in parts and so far 7 parts are over and shortly “TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 8”- FOUR HUNDREDTH post will appear in the blog!


Here is yet another (terrible) prompt:”Two plus two equals four: yes or no?”

My response is “YES” and “NO”. Arithmetically, it is of course, 2+2=4.

But in life in everything there are several aspects other than Arithmetic! Feelings, emotions, sentiments…………….creating awe, wonder, inspiration, depression. Joy, happiness, sorrow, anger, challenge……………….!!!???TWO plus TWO can be zero, 40, 400, 4000, 40000, 4lacs, 40 lacs, 4 crore, 40 crore, 400 crore!!!.

It is all in the minds and attitude, eyes and ears of the individuals!

Thus far is my 11th assignment and we shall meet on completion of my 12th tomorrow. Till then, please be enjoying my posts and bye!





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