சுகக்கடல் பொங்கச் சொல்லுணர்வு அடங்கச்

சும்மாப் பொருந்திடுஅங்கு அருணாசலா                        (31)

சுகக்கடல் பொங்கச் சொல் உணர்வு அடங்கச்

சும்மாப் பொருந்திடு அங்கு அருணாசலா.

Sugakkadal pongach solluNarvu adangkach

Summaap porunthiduangu AruNaachalaa.

At bliss, I should be

Lord of Holy Hill – my heart

Sure thy seat should be!

Oh! Lord of Holy Hill! Please be seated in my heart in the space vacated by my words, thoughts and feelings as I reach the state of bliss.

When words, thoughts, feelings and emotions subside, natural outcome is the state of bliss. Bhagwan yearns for this bliss and there will be enough space in his heart vacated by the above so that AruNaachalaa can comfortably find HIS seat! This is easily possible for those who are free from all these worldly negatives and who totally surrender to the will of the Almighty. Ramana is one such and he rightly expresses his unique experience in this verse.

சூதுசெய்து என்னைச் சோதியாது இனிஉன்

ஜோதிஉருக் காட்டு அருணாசலா.                              (32)

சூது செய்து என்னைச் சோதியாது இனி உன்

ஜோதி உருக் காட்டு அருணாசலா.

Soodhuseydhu ennaich choadhiyaadhu iniyun

Joathiyuru kaattu AruNaachalaa.

Be thy grace on me

Lord of Holy Hill – no more

Tease and test by thee!

Lord of Holy Hill! It is time for you to show me your effulgent face so that I may experience thy grace and henceforth no more tease and test by you.

In this verse Bhagwan Ramana tells his Master AruNaachalaa to stop teasing and testing; he requests the Lord to show his effulgent face. Ramana we know is a jeevan muktha- realized soul- and he had extensively experienced the Divinity and bliss. As always, he pleads on our behalf!

செப்படி வித்தை கற்றுஇப்படி மயக்குவிட்டு

உருப்படுவித்தை காட்டு அருணாசலா.                          (33)

செப்படி வித்தை கற்று இப்படி மயக்கு விட்டு

உருப்படு வித்தை காட்டு அருணாசலா.

Seppadi viththai katruippadi mayakkuvittu

Uruppaduvidhdhai kaattu AruNaachalaa.

Can’t take to magic

Lord of Holy Hill – teach me

Science of bliss through logic!

Magic of the worldly science

No more! I need soul’s insight!

Lord of Holy Hill! I need to be taught the science of bliss in a logical manner; no more lessons on the worldly science of magical life.

Mastering the science of magical world does not help one to progress in the spiritual world. Realizing the greatness of the Creator of the world is beyond the understanding of the material sciences and studies. It needs the spiritual practices in pursuit of Divinity. Bhagwan Ramana emphasizes on the need to learn the spiritual principles and practices.

சேராய் எனின்மெய் நீராய் உருகிக்கண்

நீரால் அழிவேன் அருணாசலா.                                 (34)

சேராய் எனின் மெய் நீராய் உருகிக் கண்

நீரால் அழிவேன் அருணாசலா.

Caeraay eninmey neeraay urugikkaN

Neeraal azhivaen AruNaachalaa

Drive me not to tears

Lord of Holy Hill – bless to

Be with you for years!

I may have to die of tears

If you don’t take me with cheers!

AruNaachalaa! Unless you take me and keep in thy lap for years, I will end up in my tears and death.

Bhagwan Ramana in his own right and liberty warns his master, Lord of Holy Hill, that he will get dissolved in his tears and die, unless HE takes him and helps to merge with Divinity. In the spiritual evolution, one gets exhausted and becomes impatient to become a jeevan muktha. – realized soul. It looks as if Ramana has reached that stage and pleads with his Master to accept him in all seriousness.

சையெனத் தள்ளிற் செய்வினை சுடுமலால்

உய்வகை ஏதுரை அருணாசலா.                                (35)

சையெனத் தள்ளில் செய்வினை சுடும் அலால்

உய்வகை ஏது உரை அருணாசலா.

Chaiyenath thaLLiR seyvinai sudumalaal

Uyvakai aedhurai AruNaachalaa

Endless births to go

Lord of Holy Hill – may not

If you leave me so!

Lord of Holy Hill! If you are to let me down how do I free myself from the sins of the past births and progress?

Bhagwan Ramana, the great evolved soul, a realized soul pleads in this verse on our behalf to the Lord of Holy Hill not to let us down and free us from the sins of the earlier births and help us to be free from the future births! We the human beings with all our liabilities of the past and present, how do we get redemption without God’s grace and HIS compassion? Let us make earnest efforts through following the spiritual injunctions religiously.





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