Write Anything Wednesday


Thirteenth day assignment is great-in Blogging One Zero One

In the wonderland of Blogging- dear to my heart that won.

A world of intellectuals around to spread love and peace

Thirst and appetite for me in my life that will never cease!


Freedom of thoughts and expressions assured- rare we can enjoy

The speciality – Blogging one zero one gives as a toy

To the just one year Baby Blogger that I am to play

Indeed this Wednesday in my life is sure a happy day!


Neither a poet, nor a songster, nor a writer in life

Yet like, love and enjoy poetry, songs and writings in file

At seventy plus five trying to make a mark through wordpress

God willing, viewers, bloggers supporting sure to get a pass!


Almighty God sent platform to me for my blogging debut

Going strong with “a post a day” goal- since February last

Approaching four hundredth this Sunday twenty eighth of the month.

Thanks a lot to this Blogging Event full of joy and pride-strength!


View my “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” my Blog  I am addicted to great

Through treat

With a view score of thirty two thousand till now- an award

Kindly view, read, enjoy, support, respond, comment and reward!

Here is an attempted poetry that has 16 lines of fifteen syllables each with rhyme pattern AA,BB…..

This 393rd post today is in compliance with the Blogging 101 thirteenth day assignment from the blogging University.






  1. Good poetry and topical!

    You should probably use the link of the Write Anything Wednesday site in your post so that it shows as pingback in their website. This would allow more people to have access to your blog.


    1. Thanks aplenty Satagopan.
      The pity is I am a novice in the art of operating computers and hence your suggestion I am not able to immediately implement. I shall take some one’s help and do in the course of the day. Thanks again.


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