ஞிமிரிபோல் நீயும் மலர்ந்திலை என்றே

நேர்நின்றனை என் அருணாசலா                               (41)

ஞிமிரி போல் நீயும் மலர்ந்து இலை என்றே

நேர் நின்றனை என அருணாசலா.

Ngimiripoal neeyum malarndhilai enrae

Naer ninranai en Arunaachalaa. 

Keeping me away

Lord of Holy Hill –unfair

Make fit straightaway!

My Lord! As the honey-bee stands away from the flower unblossomed, you keep me away from you as I am not matured enough. Is it not your duty to remove my ignorance and make me fit?

We are able to see the yearnings of a sadhaka (spiritual practitioner) in this verse. A honey bee normally goes towards the flower only when it is fully blossomed. Bhagwan Ramana feels that he is kept away by his Master-Lord of Holy Hill- as he is yet to be matured enough to deserve HIS place in HIS heart. But then responsibility of enlightening the individual also rests only with the Omniscient! Without waiting any longer, Bhagwan pleads with the Lord to act fast.

தத்துவம் தெரியா தத்தனை உற்றாய்

தத்துவம் இதுஎன் அருணாசலா.                     (42)

தத்துவம் தெரியாது அத்தனை உற்றாய்

தத்துவம் இது என அருணாசலா.

Thaththuvam theriyaa thaththanai utraay

Thaththuvam idhuen Arunaachalaa.

Lord of Holy Hill!

Can you teach me the great Truth

“That thou art” in full!

That indeed is ultimate

And thus make me intimate!

Lord of Holy Hill! Can you teach the great truth “That thou art” to me and enable me to merge this mortal coil –jeevaathmaa- with the Ultimate –paramaathmaa-!

Bhagwan Ramana in this verse brings to our attention the essence of Sama Veda viz “Thath thvam asi”. Great declaration is that one should realize is the philosophy of Advaitha-non dualism- that the physical self ‘jeevaathmaa’ and the Ultimate –“paramaathmaa“ are not different and are one and the same -“That thou art”. Ramana tells the devotees to seek that knowledge from HIM and reach the goal.

தானே தானே தத்துவம் இதனைத்

தானே காட்டுவாய் அருணாசலா.                                (43)

தானே தானே தத்துவம் இதனைத்

தானே காட்டுவாய் அருணாசலா.

ThaanE thane thaththuvam idhanaith

ThaanE kaattuvaay Arunaachalaa.

“Me is That” you teach

Me sure- Lord of Holy Hill!

With thy grace I reach!

Oh AruNaachalaa! Paramaathmaa- the Reality! Teach me directly that “I am that”!

Reality is the paramaathmaa .The jeevaathmaa should realize that one has to reach the Ultimate-Reality through constant yoga shedding the negatives like I, me, mine etc. Bhagwan here pleads with the Lord of the Holy Hill to teach him directly the ultimate Reality- “Me is That”- “Aham Bramhasmi”!

திரும்பி அகந்தனைத் தினமகக் கண்காண்

தெரியும் என்றனைஎன் அருணாசலா.                             (44)

திரும்பி அகந்தனைத் தினம் அகக்கண் காண்

தெரியும் என்றனை  என் அருணாசலா.

Thirumbi ahandhanai dhinamakak kaNkaaN

Theriyum enranaien  AruNaachalaa

Nice to look inward

Constant, sure, truth will be seen

With thy grace my Lord!

Lord of Holy Hill! You have told that through constant introspection the truth will be realized!

Bhagwan has realized the truth of the Ultimate through his constant introspection and inquiry “who am I?” Constant introspection makes the saadhakaa, rid him of all the negatives such as ego, selfishness, seeking material pleasures etc. This is possible only through the self inquiry and introspection constantly and continuously. The ultimate reality can not be realized with the help of external factors and world. This is what Ramana claims to have been taught by his Master- Lord of holy Hill.

தீரமில் அகத்தில்தேடி உந்தனை யான்

திரும்பஉற்றேன் அருள் அருணாசலா.                            (45)

தீரம் இல் அகத்தைத் தேடி உந்தனை யான்

திரும்ப உற்றேன் அருள் அருணாசலா.

Theeramil akaththilthaedi undhanai yaan

Thirumba utraen aruL AruNaachalaa.

Outside oft’ I lose

Lord of Holy Hill – to get

Inward search I choose!

Outside search can not show thee

Inward look sure to show me!

Lord of Holy Hill! My entire search outward could not help; through inward search I realized you!

Very often people search for joy and happiness from outside not knowing that it is a matter of mind and has to be found inside the individual. So also a spiritual seeker can not find the Ultimate reality outside; it is only through inside search one can merge with the paramaathmaa.That is what Bhagawan in this verse seeks to tell us.  God by HIS grace turns our mind towards inside and makes us see the Ultimate. Mind control, introspection, constant meditation, acts divine, noble and righteous thinking and deeds- all by the grace of the Lord of Holy Hill a serious seeker is able to reach his goal.



Thiruvannamalai Ramanashram- one view.









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