Polar bears in the arctic.


“Polar Bear day’ is today- a great creation of God.

Polar Bear a wonderful creation –awesome look, my Lord!

A gem in the animal kingdom the world has seen nice

Sure to the animal lovers a  delicious spice!


Surviving  in the arctic environment happily

Weighing as much as five hundred kilograms quite heavy

With a life span of fifteen to eighteen years they live

Females normally giving birth to twins looking alike!


Belonging to the vulnerable, endangered species

Bears prey on both ringed and bearded seals across their range

Taking other prey when available- manage food chain

A great creation of nature and God not causing pain!


Polar bear, kiddies friend and playing mate

Ever ready to make them smile, laugh and play!

Kiddies find pleasure in asking:

Polar bear, polar bear what do you here

Happily it replies as if it is so near!

I hear children

Growing like a polar bear,

Roaring like a lion,

Snorting like a hippopotamus

Fluting like a flamingo

Braying like a zebra

Hissing like a boa constrictor

Trumpeting like an elephant,

Snarling like a leopard

Yelping like a peacock,

Bellowing like a walrus!

Weeping kiddies laugh,

Laughing children jump with joy!!


Please look forward for the first birth anniversary of this blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS on 28/2/16 with its FOUR HUNDREDTH POST “TALE OF A BLOGGER PART VIII”.


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