நீநான் அறப்புலி நிதங்களி மயமாய்

நின்றிடும் நிலையருள் அருணாசலா.                              (56)

நீ நான் அறப்புலி நிதங்களி மயமாய்

நின்றிடும் நிலை அருள் அருணாசலா.

Neenaan arappuli nidhangkaLi mayamaay

Ninridum nilaiyaruL AruNaachalaa.

“You and I” not two

Lord! Bless with bliss for ever

And be one with you!

Lord of Holy Hill! Having merged with you leaving distinction between me and you, give me the bliss to enjoy for ever!

Ultimate for an Advaithin is becoming one with paramaathmaa and that indeed is experienced when the difference between jeevaathmaa and paramaathmaa is dissolved. That leads to the state of bliss and Ramana pleads for that bliss for ever. Once a saadhakaa of advaitha path realizes the ultimate, reaches the level of declaring “Aham bramhasmi”- I am Brahma- he enjoys bliss and would like to be ever in bliss.

நுண்ணுரு உனையான் விண்ணுரு நண்ணிட

எண்ணலை இறும்என்று அருணாசலா.                             (57)

நுண் உரு உனை யான் விண் உரு நண்ணிட

எண்ண அலை இறும் என்று அருணாசலா.

NuNNuru unaiyaan viNNuru naNNida

eNNalai irumenru AruNaachalaa.

Zealous to get rid

Lord! Of my thought waves that block

Entry to Thy heart!

Lord of Holy Hill! What that stand as a hurdle to reach you is the unending thought waves. Please rid me of the hurdle.

Realized souls will experience the Almighty in a form as small as an atom within an atom and as huge as a mountain over mountain! But as a spiritual seeker evolves to higher level, he sees HIM as an effulgent light. He keeps this light within his self. He can not see the light if he is swimming over the waves of thought. Hence Ramana appeals to the Almighty to rid him of the thought waves and calmly enjoy HIS effulgence within his self.

நூலறிவு அறியாப் பேதையன் என்றன்

மாலறிவு அறுத்தருள் அருணாசலா.                                (58)

நூல் அறிவு அறியாப் பேதை என்றன்

மால் அறிவு அறுத்து அருள் அருணாசலா.

NUlarivu ariyaay pedhaiyan endran

maalarivu aruththaruL AruNaachalaa.

An idiot I’m

Lord! Remove my ignorance

Teach me the truth firm!

Lord of Holy Hill! Remove my ignorance and enlighten me with the real knowledge of the effulgent self!

Repository of knowledge Ramana is, on behalf of we the mortals, pleads with the Lord of Holy Hill to remove ignorance and give the knowledge of the Real- the Ultimate-. Bhagwan portrays himself as if he is an idiot without any trace of knowledge and he needs to be imparted with all the knowledge required to rid him of all ignorance and consequent ego, selfishness etc. Greatness of the great souls like Bhagwan is precisely such modesty and humility to feel nothing in the presence of Lord Almighty. Any seeker must be humble leaving his entire ego to reach his goal of realizing Brahma in him.

நெக்குநெக் குருகியான் புக்கிட வுனைப்புகல்

நக்கனா நின்றனை அருணாசலா.                          (59)

நெக்கு நெக்கு உருகியான் புக்கிட உனைப் புகல்

நக்கனா நின்றனை அருணாசலா.

Nekkunek kurukiyaan pukkita vunaippukal                        

Nakkanaa ninranai AruNaachala.

Base well refined, my Lord!

I surrendered to Thee right

Formless, in bliss you stand!

Lord of Holy Hill! My inside and outside well attuned, I have surrendered to you. Formless Brahman, you stand in perfect bliss.

The sadhaka here has reached a stage, where as a result of deep devotion his inside and outside are refined, cultured and matured so as to surrender to the Supreme absolutely. Thus he is able to see and experience the bliss of Brahman in all His limitless and formless effulgence.

நேசமில் எனக்குன் ஆசையைக் காட்டிநீ

மோசம் செயாதருள் அருணாசலா.                                 (60)

நேசமில் எனக்கு உன் ஆசையைக் காட்டி நீ

மோசம் செயாது அருள் அருணாசலா.

Naesamil enakkun aasaiyaik kaattinee

Moasam seyaatharuL AruNaachala. 

Can’t let me down, Lord!

You have sown the seed of love

With grace, guide me God!

Love, devotion less I stand

Bless my inward look expand!

Lord of Holy Hill! Having sowed the seed of love for the Divine in me you can not afford to let me down. With Thy grace, kindly guide me!

Steeped in ignorance, ego and arrogance, a mortal does not think of the Reality. At that point of time God chooses to sow the seed of devotion to the Almighty. That seed in course of evolution in the Sadhaka (the seeker) sprouts, grows as a small plant, grows further, becomes a tree and bears fruit. In the process of evolution of the Jeevaathmaa, God should continue to shower His grace and help the seeker to reach the Ultimate-Paramaathmaa. Here Bhagwan pleads with the Lord of the Holy Hill to continue to guide without letting him down in the mid way.

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