நைந்துஅழி கனியால் நலன்இலை பதத்தில்

நாடிஉட் கொள்நலம் அருணாசலா                                 (61)

நைந்து அழி கனியால் நலன் இலை பதத்தில்

நாடி உட்கொள நலம் அருணாசலா.

Naindhuazhi kaniyaal nalanilai padhaththil

Naadiut koLnalam AruNaachalaa.

Don’t let me rot; Lord!

Ripe enough to merge with Thee!

Ripened fruit is sweet!

Lord of Holy Hill! When ripe, a fruit is sweet and tasty; when rots, it is not. When I am ripe enough to merge with the paramaathmaa, please don’t let me down.

Normally when the fruit gets ripened it is sweet and tasty. It loses its sweetness and taste, when it is not used and gets rot. Similarly right time for jeevaathmaa to merge with the paramaathmaa is, when the self  matures giving up the negatives like ego, selfishness, arrogance sense of me and mine etc. Bhagwan Ramana seeks the Lord’s help to merge with HIM before getting rot.

நொந்திடாது உன்றனைத் தந்தெனைக் கொண்டிலை

அந்தகன் நீஎனக்கு அருணாசலா.                              (62)

நொந்திடாது உன்றனைத் தந்து எனைக் கொண்டிலை

அந்தகன் நீ எனக்கு அருணாசலா.

Nondhidaadhu unranaith thandhenaik koNdilai

Andhagan nee enakku AruNaachalaa.

Exchange me for Thee

Lord of Holy Hill! Sans pain

Killed the self in me!

Lord of Holy Hill! Have you not given yourself to me and taken me with you without any pain. Thus you have killed that self in me.

A realized soul Bhagwan Ramana is, expresses his joy at the fact that the Lord of Holy Hill has given HIMSELF to him and taken Ramana with HIM without any pain. In this exchange it is Ramana who has gained the bliss thanks to the Lord’s benevolence for which Bhagwan is grateful.  Ramana at a very tender age became an enlightened soul and here he probably describes his own experience.

நோக்கியே கடுதிமெய் தாக்கியே பக்குவம்

ஆக்கிநீ ஆண்டருள் அருணாசலா.                                  (63)

நோக்கியே கடுதி மெய் தாக்கியே பக்குவம்

ஆக்கி நீ ஆண்டு அருள் அருணாசலா.

NoakkiyE kadudhimey thaakkiyE pakkuvam

Aakkinee aaNdaruL AruNaachalaa.

Filled with Thy grace, Lord!

Your look, thoughts and touch will lift

To merge with you God!

Lord of Holy Hill! Let me realize the Ultimate by your gracious look, touch and thoughts.

Though Bhagwan has realized the reality that is Ultimate, here he pleads with the Lord of the Holy Hill to bless him with the Lord’s look, touch and thoughts to lift him and merge with the paramaathmaa. It is believed that the Omniscient through HIS eyes, touch and thoughts bless the sadhaka and help him reach the state of bliss. Again this plea is on behalf of all the seeking mortals like us.

பற்றிமால் விடந்தலை யுற்றிறும் முனம்அருள்

பற்றிட அருள்புரி அருணாசலா.                                 (64)

பற்றி மால் விடந்தலை உற்றிறும் முனம் அருள்

பற்றிட அருள் புரி அருணாசலா.

Patrimaal vidanthalai yutrirum munamaruL

Patrida aruLpuri AruNaachalaa

God of Holy Hill!

By Thy grace let me reach you

Before my deep fall!

Illusion a strong poison

That indeed kills a person!

Lord of Holy Hill! Before I am consumed by the poison of illusion caused by ignorance, by your grace take me in!

Those who are steeped in illusion caused by ignorance feel miserable. The seeker having committed all sins due to the desires caused by the five senses feels insecure and resorts to prayer etc. Ramana requests his Lord to bless him not to fall deep, by removing his illusion and equip him to reach his goal of realizing the Ultimate and becoming Brahman.

பார்த்தருண் மாலறப் பார்த்திலை எனின்அருள்

பாருஉனக்கார் சொல்வர் அருணாசலா.                            (65)

பார்த்து அருண் மால் அறப் பார்த்திலை எனின் அருள்

பாரு உனக்கு ஆர் சொல்வர் அருணாசலா.

PaarththaruN  maalarap paarththilai enin aruL

Paaru unakkaar solvar AruNaachalaa.

Help leave illusion

Lord! –by Thy grace and kindness

If not, who can plead?

Lord of Holy Hill! If you don’t remove my illusion with Thy grace and kindness, who can tell and plead with you?

In the world we see the mother rushes to quench the thirst or hunger of the child without the child requesting or appealing to its mother. Likewise God the Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient knows the needs of HIS devotees and showers His grace and blessings. The need of the seeker here is getting rid of illusion and ignorance. If the Lord does not, who can tell HIM to do? is Ramana’s pleading with his Lord.


ARUNACHALESWARA TEMPLE< Thiruvannamalai -birds eye view.



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