India that is Bharath- my motherland is vast and great

Lord Almighty was nice and blessed us with people noble

One such was indeed Mool Shankar Tiwari turned Dayanand

Social transformer, a leader and prophet great and able!


Founder of Arya Samaj,  the disciple of Vrijanand

Got training rigorous in Mathura and was rechristened.

A social reformer he was, toured India and condemned

The caste system and child marriage prevailed in Hinduism!


First spiritual person to welcome Science and technology.

Arya samaj founded in Mumbai-eighteen Seventy five

To promote social awakening and service all to thrive

Born in eighteen twenty three and died in eighteen eighty three!


Great soul and preceptor he was, for us to live his teachings

On this day, let us resolve to relieve the society the scourge

Of caste and creed and discrimination on that basis- purge

Make India vibrant and vital and help the world go strong!


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