மோகம் தவிர்த்துன் மோகமா வைத்தும்என்

மோகம் தீராய்என் அருணாசலா.                                 (86)

மோகம் தவிர்த்து உன் மோகமா வைத்தும் என்

மோகம் தீராய் என் அருணாசலா.

Moham thavirththun mOhamaa vaiththumen

Moham theeraayen AruNaachalaa.

Caught up in life’s mires

Lord! Worldly longings to go

Quench my deep desires!

Lord of Holy Hill! Caught up in worldly desires, unless I develop my devotion to you, I can’t come out of the mires. Quench my desires.

Replacement of one negative desire through a positive desire will help the seeker to achieve his goal. Desire for material objects is negative whereas desire towards the Lord of Holy Hill – called devotion- is positive. Bhagwan Ramana pleads with the Lord of the Holy Hill to remove his worldly desires and grant his desire of developing his devotion towards the Lord.

மெளனியாய்க் கல்போல் மலரா திருந்தால்

மெளனம் இதாமோ அருணாசலா.                               (87)

மெளனியாய்க் கல் போல் மலராது இருந்தால்

மெளனம் இதாமோ அருணாசலா.

Mouniyaayk kalpoal malaraa thirundhaal

Mounam idhaamoaAruNaachalaa.

Deep silence of stone

My Lord! Can it be silence

Of realized soul!

Lord of Holy Hill! Can physical silence- silence of the stone- be the spiritual silence of the realized soul?

Silences are of different shades. Silence of a dumb, silence of an inanimate thing like a stone, silence of an idiot and the silence of a realized soul – silence is common but the causes are different. Bhagwan a realized person even at very young age feels that the silence of a saint can not be the silence of a stone.

யவனென் வாயில் மண்ணினை அட்டி

என்பிழைப் பொழித்தது அருணாசலா.                           (88)

யவன் என் வாயில் மண்ணினை அட்டி

என் பிழைப்பு ஒழித்தது அருணாசலா.

Yavanen vaayil maNNinai atti

En pizhaip  pozhiththadhu AruNaachalaa.

Error on whose part

My Lord- to have denied me

Of food and life smart!

Lord of Holy Hill! Who can it be other than you to have denied me of my food and life?

Even denying the physical needs like food and living by the Almighty appears to Bhagwan Ramana as HIS grace and he expresses in this verse that none else other than his Lord of the Holy Hill can be behind this! Normally when a human being is denied of the essentials, he will only blame his fate and curse God! But Ramana is all praise and has taken it really in the spirit of a genuine seeker! It can also mean that God as a first step has removed Ramana’s worldly desires and administered a remedy to his ego towards his goal.

யாரும் அறியாதென் மதியினை மருட்டி

எவர்கொளை கொண்டது அருணாசலா.                         (89)

யாரும் அறியாது என் மதியினை மருட்டி

எவர் கொளை கொண்டது அருணாசலா.

Yaarum ariyaadhen madhiyinai marutti

EvarkoLai koNtadhu AruNaachalaa.

Foul play by whom! Lord!

Who drove me mad after you

Other than Thee, God!

Lord of Holy Hill! Who else could have enticed me other than you sans others knowledge?

A seeker after truth all on a sudden experiences the bliss thanks to the Lord’s immense grace. It may be immediate or very far. The moment Lord of the Holy Hill has enticed the individual seeker without others knowledge, he loses all his negativities and realizes the Parabramham. Here in this verse Bhagwan Ramana is so delighted that such a state has come to him only through his Lord and He in fact has driven him mad after the Lord and thus enticed which none else can do!

ரமணனென் றுரைத்தேன் ரோசம் கொளாதெனை

ரமித்திடச் செயவா அருணாசலா.                              (90)

ரமணன் என்று உரைத்தேன் ரோசம் கொளாது எனை

ரமித்திடச் செய வா அருணாசலா.

RamaNanen ruraiththEn rOsam koLaadhenai

Ramiththidach cheyavaa AruNaachalaa.

Gracefully reside

In this devotee, my Lord!

Resent not my pride!

Lord oh Holy Hill! Taking liberty I plead; mistake not and continue to delight my soul!

Bhagwan Ramana having got his Lord of the Holy Hill a place in his heart pleads with the Lord not to resent his words of adoration and continue to be in his heart and bless him till he achieves his goal. A seeker exhorts, pleads, requests, cajoles, adores, sings, reprimands taking liberty with His Lord. Ramana in this state of mind, requests his Lord mot to resent and continue to bless permanently perching in his heart.




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