One of our earnest viewers Shri OKRSivanganam

It was on 21st February we viewed “VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part VII. Here is a vivid viewer in Shri OKR Sivagnanam who has taken as his bounden pleasure to read ENVIUS THOUGHTS regularly without any omission, share with his Face Book friends with an elaborate view on the ‘thought’!

I used to wonder at his enthusiasm and erudition while he expresses his view on each and every post and in fact that made me to regularly consolidate and present to my vast viewers all over the globe -to be precise 34571 views through 24118 visitors from 188 countries over my 420 posts from 28/2/2015.

India 8,560
United States FlagUnited States 3,510
Pakistan FlagPakistan 3,177
Myanmar (Burma) FlagMyanmar (Burma) 2,927
Iraq FlagIraq 1,467
Cambodia FlagCambodia 1,418
Albania FlagAlbania 1,198

The above table shows the particulars of 1000 and over views country-wise

Today’s Sunday story brings out the views of Shri OKR Sivanganam -Part VIII. I am sure readers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS will enjoy by way of recap of the thoughts over a period of a few days.


Yesterday’s ” Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanthi “, post by you reminds one of patriotism needed most today.

Though a disciple of Gandhiji, Netaji’s approach differed as to the attainment of our freedom from the British rule, in that he was not for peaceful means.

He was President of the Congress for sometime, but after he was disillusioned with the affairs of the party, he formed his Indian National Army to get our freedom by force.

Netaji was a patriot to the core, and sans his active participation, Indian Freedom Movement was incomplete.

But he was not able to enjoy the fruits of freedom as he was not alive.

The cruel hands of death snatched away his life in an air crash, it was reported.

But mystery still surrounds his death!

Love for the nation and a sense of belonging on our part can only justify hard- won freedom by our leaders, including Netaji.


Your “Tale of a Blogger Part VII “, today is a nice read.

No denying your impression that Divinity leads your life and living.

No denying your passion as being an effective Blogger.

No denying your application of the three basic elements of Management namely, planning, decision- making, and execution in your blog activity.

No denying your achievement as a blogger is greater than that achieved as a senior professional in our Public Sector Undertaking as evidenced by one of your Branch Managers in a session under the auspices of the National Insurance Academy referring you as his role- model.

And no denying you are a person of interest to all as your neighbor’s school- going child wrote about you as the most- liked person in an assignment given by her school and scored full marks too!

The Gita quote,

“Action is thy duty;

Fruit is not thy Concern “, you seem to follow in letter and spirit.

No doubt, your action is complete.

And you are blessed with fruits too!

I wish you reach the goal post of 500 on the last day of February, 2016!!!

If your goal is beyond that number, it’s welcome and my best wishes!



The voice of Valluvar on “Non-killing”, followed by your translation is emphatic.

Non-killing is a virtue, an ideal virtue, and a noble virtue.

For fear of family woes, one may choose sainthood.

Greater and nobler than the saint is the one who doesn’t resort to killing living beings.

I may face the risk of death. But never should I think of killing the other to safeguard myself from that eventuality.

A killer finds happiness in killing others, while the noble feels very bad about it.

It’s quite unacceptable that the killer doesn’t know that his action is tantamount to the top of all sins and a total disgrace.

A wise man considers his present sufferings on account of poor health and poverty might be due to his having killed the living beings in his past life.

That even the Lord of Death hesitates to approach and snatch away such persons with courage shows the power of being a non- killer.

Let us love this virtue as a way of life and practise it to attach meaning to our life!!!


An inspiring Republic Day post by you!

We are a nation with the supreme power being vested with the people who are electing their own representatives to occupy the prestigious National Parliament, State Assemblies, and Union Territories.

It’s celebrations galore across the country with our National Flag flying high filling our mind with joy and gaiety today.

Army parade, parachuter’s gliding , Paratroopers’ Fair and so on mark the special occasion .

Cultural processions from various States reflecting our glorious culture and rich traditions are special attractions.

We’re far behind in development as promises remain unfulfilled even after 67 years of our being a republic.

We need to maintain our unity and keep the values intact.

People’s welfare must be the prime concern of our representatives.

And on this day, let us pledge to preserve our natural resources and make them beneficial to the community as a whole and not the personal reserves of a few vested interests!!!

And again, on this day let us pledge to show our concern for our farmers and make ours a self – serving and self- sufficient nation in all respects!!!!

A happy Republic Day to all!!!


Your yesterdays “Indian Republic Sixty Seven “, reveals what India is today like.

As a great democracy in the world, our nation granted a number of rights to its citizens. Along with it goes the corresponding duties we have to perform.

And no doubt, we are credited with core values that define our life.

The saddest part of our democracy is our misuse of rights for fulfillment of one’s selfish ends neglecting the common good behind the conferment of valuable rights by the architects of our Constitution after we’ve become a republic.

Not to speak of arrogance that is the way of our elected representatives!

We can rightly feel proud about what we have accomplished in many fields.

But the way in which the common man is treated makes us ashamed of our own ‘selections’ in governance.

Corruption has reached its peak.

Words, thoughts, and deeds are impure that need refinement.

Parallel to successes, we have failures in abundance.

Instead of blaming the system in vogue, let each and every individual, including our representatives, change the mindset for the better.

And your Republic Day resolve,

“Let me mend my mind,

Tame my thought”, will drive away the evils in us and guard our country against all negativity!!!


Under ‘ Renunciation ‘, Thiruvalluvar places before us simply two options:

Either renunciation, or face rebirth with all attending sufferings.

And your explanations are beautiful.

Once we give up desires, we are freed of woes and assured of joy and happiness.

We need to have control over desires connected with our senses five.

With desires, penance loses its effectiveness, and the punishment is nothing but rebirth.

Even the presence of our own body is excessive if our aim is to avoid rebirth.

If our goal is to attain heaven, we have to crush our ego once and for all.

To scale greater heights we have to get out of ignorance for ignorance delivers untold sufferings.

For the renounced, the question of rebirth and death does not arise.

If at all we desire it must be holding on to God.

Let us at least try to limit our desires to the extent possible and avoid sufferings!


Your “Martyrs’ Day “, post brings to our attention the fact that we got our freedom not in a day and that our nation was built not in a day.

Behind the achievements were the selfless sacrifices of thousands of soldiers, among whom we have had Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our nation.

That Mahatma’s leadership qualities and moral force made it happen is no exaggeration.

He never sought to exert power.

It’s neither the fear of punishment nor the hope of reward, but his natural and extraordinary superiority that influenced the masses.

But the ignorance of Gandhi’s greatness on the part of Godse resulted in former’s death.

It’s a disgrace that temples and statues were sought to be built for Godse, the assassin!!!

On this day, let all of us be grateful and pay rich tributes to Gandhiji as a token of respect and to reaffirm our faith in his ideals!!!


The views by different viewers on your different topics randomly posted in your Sunday Story:

“Comments Consolidated -Envius Thoughts Part 1 “, are a nice read reflecting your sterling ability in whatever subject you chose to deal with.

Any work done will an artistic touch is a work of art.

And your Envius Thoughts very well qualifies that condition.

A creation without passion may not be superior in content and delivery.

A passionate performer concerns not merely with the outcome.

He gives in his best and introduces, what may be called ‘ add- on ‘ to the contemplated task.

A radiant beauty it reflects and cannot escape natural and all- round appreciation.

And clearly it’s your passion that works well with your blog- activity!

A feedback, positive or negative, is the real quality – enhancer.

An effective and critical feedback necessarily presupposes passionate involvement in the work of another.

It acts as a booster and gives the needed input to the creator for further refinement, if any.

And the comments you have been receiving, no doubt, serves the purpose in full!!


Your special post today:

“Candle Mass Day “, signifying the holy day with celebration of three occasions, viz., the presentation of the Child Jesus, Jesus first entry into the temple, and the Virgin Mary’s Purification, is a good read.

A joyful and sacred occasion for all the Christian brothers and sisters across the world!

It’s customary for them to cook the pancake, holding coin in their hands with the belief that this action assures wealth and happiness to them.

For that matter, these two aspects are among the most important requirements for all the people irrespective of the religion they are attached to.

Jesus shows the right way for his followers, just as light removes darkness for the Hindus!

Let them celebrate the special day with gaiety and religious fervor, and be joyful!!!


Through “Byes to Desires “, you have brought the Voice of Valluvar heard loud.

Desires result in sufferings, and the woes kill our joy and pleasure.

A prerequisite to our salvation is our giving up desires having the potential of harming others too.

It seems funny, but meaningful to bid adieu to our desires for the sake of enjoying our desired life!

Pain goes hand in glove with desire, and the renounced who understands this fact readily gives up desires.

Desirelessness is a pure state of mind and more than that, is more valuable than any other wealth that we may acquire.

And there’s a call from Valluvar to give up our desires which in fact are uncontrollable, to attain heavenly bliss, our ultimate goal in life.

In this materialistic world, we cannot be free from total desires, and yet to minimize our sufferings we can minimize our wants to the extent possible and enjoy the life too!!!

151. 4/2/16.

May your ” World Cancer Day “, special post create awareness on the implications of the deadlly disease and help keeping its impact to the minimum level on individuals, families, and communities!

Rightly termed ‘ Monster Devil’s Day ‘!

Everyone craves for a healthy life and the quality of life that goes with it.

Many illnesses we suffer from ;

But the very word ‘ cancer ‘ creates some sort of serious fear and anxiety in our minds.

No doubt we feel a little relaxed, thanks to the medical advancements that help in the treatment of cancer.

But the uncertainty with its efficacy leaves our so- called – relaxation a temporary one.

The killer – disease treats all alike and no sufferer escapes from its ugly grip and its suffocating squeezes.

Prevention may be a better option but then we are perplexed the day when our doors are knocked to announce its unexpected arrival to play havoc with our otherwise quiet lives.

We need to enhance our awareness level and spread it to as many channels as possible so that detection is done at the early stage making cure a definite possibility.

A sure reduction in the burden that is created by the incidence of cancer must be our immediate goal so as to ensure a lesser number of people being afflicted with this condition.

Let so many patients are successfully treated to make a better quality of life within their easy reach!!!

152. 5/2/16.

What ‘ Destiny ‘, is well defined through your Voice of Valluvar.

Whether our efforts are effective enough to create wealth or not lies entirely with destiny, the definite dispenser.

Destiny is capable of making one just an ordinary person, irrespective of whether he’s learned or not.

And it’s the same destiny that makes one wise and the other wealthy.

Good becoming bad or bad becoming good is the handiwork of fate.

Possessing other’s belongings or losing one’s own possessions is not in our hands but left with destiny.

We are at the sheer mercy of destiny to enjoy whatever we’ve earned.

The poor will be at ease if destiny makes him woe- free.

We have to necessarily face whatever hurdles coming our way if we are destined to be so.

We must be mature enough to take happiness and sorrow alike.

Being aware of destiny and its impact on us is welcome, but it’s in our own interest to effectively perform our duty without anticipating the results to our liking!!!

153. 6/2/16.

Your “Rainbow in Haiku “, is a treat to the eyes and the aesthetic sense.

We have conveniently learnt to destroy Nature’s creations.

Can we make what Nature creates?

Magnificent are the creations of Nature!

Rainbow is one such marvel that occurs at nature’s will.

The colors that make the rainbow, by their very sight, relieve our worries.

The beautiful message it offers to the onlooker is that pain and joy pertaining to our life never lasts long, but occurs alternately.

It’s like the disappearance of the delightful colors after a while.

Enjoyment apart, we need to bow before the rainbow, for it brings in the rain that makes the earth fertile and green, and our mind at peace and poise.

Let us hail the rainbow for its wondrous nature and the ecstasy it carries along!!!


Yesterday you’ve introduced us to the “Wonderful World of Cartoons “.

A definition you gave for ‘ Cartoon ‘, and evolution of cartoons traced right from the Middle Ages on to the Modern Age.

When a reference is made about cartoon, what passes before our mind’s eyes is none other than R K Lakshman, one of the greatest cartoonists of our times and you have made a detailed case on him very beautifully.

And you’ve made a reference to your Journalist son drawing his own cartoons for his stories.

And cartoons and posters of school – going students-Miss Nivetha, Swetha and Aditi on topics current too attracted you rightly.

Unlike prose, understanding what a cartoon is an art, just as a cartoon by itself is an art.

It’s an expression of thought in words and drawings or paintings in a humorous way and intended to serve as a constructive criticism on issues concerning our everyday life and those relating to matters pertaining to all walks of life in general and political and scientific events in particular.

You’ve concluded the post with your right observation that the world of cartoons is a wonderful world.

That the viewers have the right mind to understand and appreciate them is a good trend indeed.

That cartoon has come to stay tall and firm is an indication that its importance in journalism is not ruled out!

155. 9/2/16.

Under Part 2 of “Voice of Ramana “, you have posted Justice S Mohan’s preface to your creation:

“Fragrant Garland of Alphabets of Bhagwan Ramana “.

Writing on Bhagwan, Justice Mohan pointed to His wisdom of the hollowness of Ego acting against the man to attain Divinity; and about your literary passion too, leading to your English translation of Sri Ramana Maharishi’s work.

The sample of your translation quoted by him reveals, in terms of his own words, your poetic talent!

You are, for sure, going to weave more fragrant garlands as wished by Justice Mohan!


We shall see the rest in one of our forthcoming Sunday stories. Thanks.



N V Subbaraman addressing a gathering in 1997


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