Of all the creations of Nature called God Almighty

‘Water’ the nectar is the most powerful and mighty

For the living beings’ living and survival on earth

A day may come much sooner when this nectar becomes dearth!


Rightly WORLD WATER DAY is observed to bring awareness

On the need to conserve the basic sources for wellness.

United Nations initiative is the day-great

This year’s theme “Water and Jobs” is quite significant!


Water related issues to be focused among all

The power, water and jobs to transform people’s lives –tall

Human survival, the environment rest on water

And sure the global economy too for that matter!


Billion and more people work in jobs- water related

Sustainable income paves the way for life fascinated

Duty ours is to care and nurture water bodies

All other sources of water –forests, lakes, tanks and trees!









2 thoughts on “WORLD WATER DAY (22/3/16)

  1. It’s still March 21 where I am, but this topic is still important. Water is something I think about each day, not just because I drink it (and love it!) but there is much to worry about. In many parts of the world, clean water scarce. There are even droughts in Countries like the United States and Australia. World leaders really need to find solutions to this right now.


    1. Thanks. Your anxiety is quite understandable, reasonable and logical. Let us hope for the best and contribute our might to the extent possible in our own way. Thanks for your great response.

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