Holi festival is today- festival of colors and colorful joy

East and west, South and North- all people all over enjoy

Sprinkling color and colored water on friends and relatives with delight

Thanking the Almighty for what all HE has blessed us – making Love Light!


Observed as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colors

Earlier night with holika fire- people singing and dancing in  attires

New; next morning carnival of colors; chasing others coloring each

Other with dry powder, water and balloons lovely colored, to splash!


With any one and  every one, friend or stranger, rich or poor, children

Or elders, friends or foes- all with frolic on road or park, streets or temple-

Happy time holi time heralding the season of spring-with food  not simple

Delicious served and taken with all-indeed a day of give and take-tinkle!


Dedicated to Lord Krishna- the dark colored-beloved God of all

Playing fun and frolic with passion and devotion by all quite tall

Scene of His prank by playing color with Radha and Gopis made alive

In myriad forms in paintings  artists’ delight and their  art will thrive!





Children enjoying HOLI



On this holy  day of GURU PURNIMA total view score of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https:nvsr.wordpress.com crosses THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND on its 425th post in 388 days. I wholeheartedly thank  the esteemed viewers and solicit their continued support.

N V Subbaraman


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