ராப்பகல் இல்லா வெறும்வெளி வீட்டில்

ரமித்திடு வோம்வா அருணாசலா.                                (91)

ராப் பகல் இல்லா வெறும் வெளி வீட்டில்

ரமித்திடுவோம் வா அருணாசலா.

Raappagal illaa verumveLi veettil

Ramiththidu voamvaa AruNaachalaa.

High on the space Lord

Beyond the realm of day-night

Take me to bliss, God!

Lord of Holy Hill! My inner space knows not day and night. You find Thy residence in my heart and take me to bliss.

When a man is surrounded with and overtaken by ego, selfishness and illusions, the seeker in him can not enjoy the bliss – beyond the realm of time – and reach the stage of jeevanmuktha. Paramaathmaa is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. The seeker’s constant endeavor must be to merge. In the process immense grace of the Lord of the Holy Hill is absolute need and hence Bhagwan Ramana solicits the same in this verse.

லட்சியம் வைத்தருள் அஸ்திரம் விட்டெனைப்

பட்சித்தாய் பிராணனொடு அருணாசலா.                           (92)

லட்சியம் வைத்து அருள் அஸ்திரம் விட்டு எனைப்

பட்சித்தாய் பிராணனொடு அருணாசலா.

Latchiyam vaiththaruL asththiram vittenaip

Batchiththaay piraaNanodu AruNaachalaa.

I was Thy kind aim

My Lord! Thy arrow killed me

And my egos maim(ed)!

Lord of Holy Hill! By Thy arrow of grace, you have not only removed my ego but also my very life!

For a seeker, when the Lord of the Holy Hill removes his ego and very life, natural consequence is that he (the seeker) merges with the paramaathmaa and thus his aim is achieved and the goal is reached. The end of his journey in this world comes to a happy and cherished end. Bhagwan Ramana is ecstatic at this development.

லாபம்நீ இகபர லாபம்இல் எனைஉற்று

லாபமென் உற்றனை அருணாசலா.                               (93)

லாபம் நீ இக பர லாபம் இல் எனை உற்று

லாபம் என் உற்றனை அருணாசலா.

Laabamnee ikapara laabamil enaiyutru

Laabamena utranai AruNaachalaa.

Junk on earth I am

My Lord, Thou art the earth’s crown

What use for Thee I’m!

Lord of Holy Hill! You are priceless. I have no value at all. Having surrendered, you have accepted me. Of what avail it is to Thee!

Lord of the Holy Hill in HIS limitless grace and compassion takes care of the seekers, grants bliss and absorbs them, though they are of no value. That indeed is the greatness of the Almighty! Bhagwan Ramana in all humility says that he is a junk and not of any value to any body more so to his Lord. Yet He has accepted him and showered with bliss!

வரும்படி சொலிலை வந்தென் படியள

வருந்திடுன் தலைவிதி அருணாசலா.                             (94)

வரும்படி சொல் இலை வந்து என் படி அள

வருந்திடு உன் தலை விதி அருணாசலா.

Varumpadi solilai vandhEn padiyaLa

Varundhidun thalaivithi AruNaachalaa.

Kind of burden, Lord!

I am on you. Thy making

Thy concern to guard!

Lord of Holy Hill! Your taking me is your own making. I am a burden on you. If you are to suffer in taking care of me who can be blamed?

It is indeed surprising that Bhagwan Ramana says if it befalls on the Lord of the Holy Hill to take care of all HIS devotees, who can help it. Ramana feels that after the Lord has taken him over, it is HIS duty to take care of all his needs. We know that the Almighty in HIS abundant grace and compassion takes care of all HIS creations needs, necessities, comforts and conveniences. In fact the seeker pleads with the Lord to help him in reaching the ultimate and that can be done only by HIS grace and not in any other way.

வாவென்று அகம்புக்குன் வாழ்வருள் அன்றேஎன்

வாழ்விழந்தேன் அருள் அருணாசலா.                           (95)

வா என்று அகம்புக்கு உன் வாழ்வு அருள் அன்றே என்

வாழ்வு இழந்தேன் அருள் அருணாசலா.

Vaavenru ahampuukkun vaazhvaruL anraen

vaahvizhandhaen aruL AruNaachalaa.

Lost the self in you

My Lord! By Thy grace and will!

Nothing beyond you!

Lord of Holy Hill! In Thy abundant love, grace and compassion, I am thoroughly lost in you. Henceforth it is all Thy will and wish will rule me.

The world is full of exchanges! I give one and take one in exchange. Bhagwan Ramana in this verse says that the moment his Lord of the Holy hill has taken and settled down in his heart and soul, Ramana has lost all his worldly desires, bondages, relationships etc. and now he looks forward to his Lord for His love and compassion in all his remaining life time. What a great exchange? What an enlightened and illumined soul is Ramana’s!










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