‘Mera Bharath mahan’- country of great culture and tradition

East and West, North and South- everywhere for ever creation

By Lord and God-the Creator- for the good of ‘Bharathiyas’

Reflecting the nation’s culture are festivities and melas!


‘Nauchandi Mela’  in Meerut is one to celebrate and enjoy

Commemorating building Chandi temple by Mandodari

Wife of King Ravana; a great gesture indeed in India

Shops and stalls in plenty; gratefully offering prayers to Chandi!


Shopkeepers from all over North India put up stalls in the fair

Offer various kinds of crafts, utensils, entertainments, food fair!

Happy time for all rural, urban people around for a month long

Looking forward for March –April year after year to throng!


Children disaplaying theie skills in the Nauchandi Mela, Meerut.

Nauchandi temple in Meerut  built by Mandodari, wife of Ravana.















































































































































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