அம்புவில் ஆலிபோல் அன்புரு உனில்எனை

அன்பாக் கரைத்தருள் அருணாசலா.                             (101)

அம்புவில் ஆலிபோல் அன்பு உரு உனில் எனை

அன்பாக் கரைத்து அருள் அருணாசலா.

Ambuvil aalipoal anburu unilenai

Anbaak karaiththaruL AruNaachalaa.

Right as ice cube melts

Lord! In water, in Thy love

And grace, help me melt!

Lord of Holy Hill! Just as an ice cube melts in water, love embodiment you are, help me melt in Thy love and grace.

Water normally has a tendency to melt the objects like sugar, ice cubes, salt, chemicals etc. and make one with water. Similarly abundance of love and grace of the Lord of the Holy Hill melts the seeker’s devotion and love for Him and become one with his love. The principle of Advaitha- ‘non-dualism’ is the jeevaathmaa melting and merging with paramaathmaa by the God’s love and grace when the seeker, having given up all his ego, selfishness, illusions etc.

அருணையென்று எண்ணயான் அருட்கண்ணி பட்டேன்உன்

அருள்வலை தப்புமோ அருணாசலா.                     (102)

அருணை என்று எண்ண யான் அருள் கண்ணி பட்டேன் உன்

அருள் வலை தப்புமோ அருணாசலா.

AruNaiyenru eNNayaan arutkaNNi pattaenun

AruLvalai thappumoa AruNaachalaa.

Sure fell in Thy net

Of grace, my Lord, I can’t be

Out of net I bet!

Lord of Holy Hill! The moment I think of Thy name, I have fallen into the net of Thy love and grace. Even if I sweat, I bet, I can not go away from the net!

If one falls into the net spun by the Lord with the thread of his love and grace, he can not free himself from the net. That is the power of the Lord of the Holy Hill. Ultimate realization and merger of the soul with the Lord is assured. Bhagwan Ramana expresses his own experience and ecstasy here.

சிந்தித் தருட்படச் சிலந்திபோல் கட்டிச்

சிறையிட்டு உண்டனை அருணாசலா.                           (103)

சிந்தித்து அருட்படச் சிலந்திபோல் கட்டிச்

சிறை இட்டு உண்டனை அருணாசலா.

Cindhith tharutpada cilanthipoal kattich

Siraiyittu uNdanai AruNaachalaa.

Trapped like a spider

In its web my Lord! I’m caught

In Thy web wider!

Lord of Holy Hill! To facilitate my receiving your grace, you have spun a beautiful web and I as a spider have fallen into the trap, I am caught and safe with you.

The Almighty decides to help His devotee in getting realization. He organizes in such a way that the seeker is taken into his web of love and then provides him bliss – bliss of attaining Advaithin goal of jeevaathmaa- paramaathmaa merger. First step is constantly meditating on the Lord of the Holy Hill and that is what Bhagwan Ramana practiced and succeeded in full measure.

அன்பொடுன் நாமங்கெள் அன்பர்தம் அன்பருக்

அன்பனா யிடஅருள் அருணாசலா.                               (104)

அன்பொடு உன் நாமம் கெள் அன்பர்தம் அன்பருக்கு

அன்பனாயிட அருள் அருணாசலா.

Anbodun naamankeL anbartham anbaruk

Anbanaa yida aruL AruNaachalaa.

Unique Thy blessed name

Lord! who chant and hear get

Thy grace, bring soul fame!

Lord of Holy Hill! Please bless me to become the devotee of those who chant and listen to Thy holy name.

God’s name is unique and those who chant or listen to the holy name of the Lord are indeed blessed. In fact that is the first step in the holy spiritual journey. Continuous chanting and listening to HIS name and meditating on the same sure get God’s blessings for the seeker. Such seekers are His devotees whom HE loves and showers HIS grace and blessings. Good company of the devoted – satsangh- helps the seeker in this regard.

என்போலும் தீனரை இன்புறக் காத்துநீ

எந்நாளும் வாழ்ந்தருள் அருணாசலா.                            (105)

என்போலும் தீனரை இன்புறக் காத்து நீ

என் நாளும் வாழ்ந்து அருள் அருணாசலா.

Enpoalum dheenarai inpurak kaaththunee

EnnaaLum vaazhntharuL AruNaachalaa.

Verily we need

Lord! To be blessed by Thy grace.

We are poor indeed!

Lord of Holy Hill! Protecting the poor and weak like me, you shower your grace for ever.

Bhagwan Ramana in all his compassion for the seekers and devotees all over, appeals to the Lord of the Holy Hill to protect all with HIS unbounded grace and love. Ramana is indeed a realized soul and a jeevan muktha. As is usual with all the seers and saints, in his utmost humility and modesty Ramana calls himself poor and weak, and lowly too. He seeks the grace of lord on behalf of all seekers.

என்புருகு அன்பர்தம் இன்சொற்கொள் செவியுமென்

புன்மொழி கொளஅருள் அருணாசலா.                            (106)

என்புருகு அன்பர்தம் இன்சொற்கள் செவியும் என்

புன்மொழி கொள அருள் அருணாசலா.

Enburuku anbartham insorkoL ceviyumen

PunmozhikoLa aruL AruNaachalaa.

Words of devotion

You have heard from all, My God!

Hear mine with compassion!

Lord of Holy Hill! You have heard a lot of devotional words and songs of your devotees. Please hear my defective and faulty words also!

Embodiment of humility and modesty as is the case with all the seers and saints of this great country, Ramana says that his Lord of the Holy Hill has heard the songs and words of his great devotees – poets and singers: but now he requests his Lord to put up with him for his words in praise of Lord which are mean, faulty and defective! Humility is the hall mark of the great like Ramana. None but Bhagwan will say that this work of Ramana is mean, faulty and defective! It is indeed one of the great literary devotional works the whole spiritual world can enjoy.

பொறுமையாம் பூதர! புன்சொலை நன்சொலாப்

பொறுத்தருள் இஷ்டம்பின் அருணாசலா.                         (107)

பொறுமையாம் பூதர! புன் சொலை நன்சொலாப்

பொறுத்து அருள் இஷ்டம் பின் அருணாசலா.

Porumaiyaam boothara! Punsolai nansolaap

PoruththaruL ishtampin AruNaachalaa.

(e)Xtreme patience Thine!

My Lord! Accept these poor lines

As garland of mine!

Lord of Holy Hill! You are a mountain of patience! Kindly treat my poor words as sacred words and bless! If you don’t, it is then Thy sweet will!

This verse again is a manifestation of Bhagwan’s extreme humility. In literary terms or spiritual terms this work of Ramana is indeed a master piece. To explain this as poor and requesting the Lord of the Holy Hill to treat as words sacred and put up with him is nothing but Ramana’s modesty.

Probably this work has not given Bhagwan that great satisfaction and hence this type of expression.

மாலை அளித்தரு ணாசல ரமணஎன்

மாலை அணிந்தருள் அருணாசலா.                               (108)

மாலை அளித்து அருணாசல ரமண என்

மாலை அணிந்து அருள் அருணாசலா.

Maalai aLiththaru Naachala ramaNaen

Maalai aNintharuL AruNaachalaa.

Your grace made me make

My Lord- this respectful garland

Graciously take!

Lord of Holy Hill! It is your grace and love that enabled me to make this garland which please accept graciously.

In this last verse of the masterpiece work of Bhagwan Ramana, having poured out all his mind, love, respect, regards and devotion appeals to the Lord of the Holy Hill-Arunachaleswara who was instrumental for making this fragrant garland in alphabets to accept this graciously. This marks the merger of Ramana’s jeevaathmaa with the Ultimate-the Paramaathmaa- pinnacle of Advaitha philosophy. Accepting the garland by the Lord, in fact, is the acceptance of the Lord and granting Ramana that great BLISS.

அருணாசலம் வாழி அன்பர்களும் வாழி

அட்சர மணமாலை வாழி.

அருணாசலம் வாழி அன்பர்களும் வாழி

அட்சர மணமாலை வாழி.

Long live the Holy Hill- Thiruvannaamalai!

Long live the Lord of the Holy Hill-Arunachaleswara!

Long live the devotees of the Lord!

Long live the Akshara manamalai-Fragrant Garland in Alphabets!





My dear Viewers,

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I solicit your continued support.

Yours with love,

N V Subbaraman


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