Bonsai at Lal Bagh. Photo by Sharadha NV

A view of BONSAI -short tree on a flower bowl- HAIKU-Short verse in Japanese genre

Viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com may recollect my several posts on HAIKU. On 10th January there was a post titled “POETRY OF TOMORROW-THE JAPANESE WAY that dealt with HAIUKU / TANKA genre of English poetry. Earlier on 23, 24 and 25th of July 2015, I dealt with the history of HAIKU/TANKA in three parts. (Those who want to read, may please enter the ARCHIVES and enjoy.)

At this,  I am glad to share with you a comment by one of the Japanese poets Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda, which I cherish very much:

“………………….The poet Subbaraman’s Haiku are exactly Haiku originating in Japan. But in Japan, there is no concept of rhyme; thus his rhymed haiku surpass Japanese haiku in beauty. The beauty of both the contents and the form of his haiku is worth esteeming very highly………………….”

Dr.Kazuyosi Ikeda, Ph.D; D.Sc; D.Litt; D.Cult; D.Envir.Sc.

Osaka, Japan.

Haiku Poet.

My VOICE OF VALLUVAR and VOICE OF RAMANA were translated into English in Haiku format and the ENVIUS THOUGHTS carried them as a serial in 62   parts -total Haiku verses 588.

Again now and then, there were posts of Haiku verses on MOON, RAIN BOW, FOG-Mist etc.

Today there are 10 Haiku verses on SKY! In the next few days, ENVIUS THOUGHTS will carry three line Haiku formatted verses strictly 5-7-5 syllables in English. I request my esteemed Viewers to please support and send feedback on the same as and when your time and mind cooperate. Thanks.

1.Sky is the limite who are just inert

Sure very timid!

2.Sky is very vast

Carrying stars and planets

Guiding the world fast!

3.To look at the sky

Resting on the easy chair

Midnight joy quite high!

4.The blue sky above

And the cool moon gliding nice

Cheers and joy around!

5.  Nature’s gift indeed

Is the beautiful rainbow

In the sky, God’s deed!

6. Sky not the limit

For the resourceful persons

Success their credit!

7. Earth and sky can meet

Meeting point moves far away

To observe a treat!

8.Bright sun in the sky

Overshadowed by thick clouds

Humans need to try!

9. Home of sun and stars

The blue sky – nature’s making

Man-made ever a farce!

10.Blue sky beautiful

Peace and poise to those who love

Nature bountiful!

11.Sky the home of clouds

Graces the world with its love

We sure must be proud!

The simplest astronomical phenomena take place in the sky. The sun and the moon move across the sky; we can see thousands of stars in the clear sky!


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