Jainism upholds ‘Ahimsa’ as the first ‘dharma’!


‘Ahimsa’ called non-violence core concept and preaching

Of all great religions and leaders in the world holding!

Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam

All have taught us the value of non-violence-my psalm!


Lord Krishna,Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha

Vardhamana, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa

And many gave us the meaning for our life in terms clear

Today we have “International Non- Violence Day dear!


Pity it is the world is beset with non-violence

And disharmony today  unfair-gone is peace and poise

Let us resolve- resolve we must to uphold values dear

The world to go in joy and happiness, peace, plenty clear!


The cowards and sicks cannot preach non-violence-lacks meaning

It is  the strong who can advocate and preach- nicely giving

Credibility! Healthy we must-on this WORLD HEALTH DAY

Let us resolve to keep our health good and so our kith and kin!


For a healthy world, pollution of all varieties to go

Air, water, atmosphere, noise- and all fast to go

Right habit must be taught from childhood to last for life

And that will make the society’s health and happiness in file!




Mahatma, the apostle of peace and non-violence.



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