“HAPPY UGADI DAY” is today!

Happy UGADI Day is today-New Year Day for many many lakhs

Andhra, Telengana – Ugadi, Karnataka YUGADHI, takes

The name GUDI PADWA in Maharashtra,  THAPNA for Marwari


In Manipur,  the Hindus in BALI and INDONESIA as NYEPI!.

Great New Year Day in their lives heralding joy and happiness and peace

Which they celebrate with all festivities, thank the Almighty  with ease

New apparels worn, jewels on women, meeting and greeting  all with joy!


Feast at homes, congregation at temples great day for the young and old

Thank Mother Nature for her bounty-neem and jaggery, mango, tamarind

Different tastes six combined- sweet, sour, spice, salt, tanginess and bitter

Symbolizing happiness, disgust, anger, fear, surprise and sadness better!

UGADI PACHCHADI special! Human  to take as challenge, not to fear

Come out victorious in all our endeavors with HIS grace and love clear!



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