INDIAMera Bharath Mahaan


Great people, great country, great standards, great morals

Was   India that is Bharath-spread of viral

Here and there, fall of standard ethical, moral

Shame on my Mother India-Bharath Matha!


Killers eulogized, their statues garlanded shame

A temple sought to be constructed- nasty game!

Patience-tolerance- intolerance-virtue and vice?

May God give all of us sense to distinguish nice!


Capital punishment sought to be abolished

How murderers and assassins to be punished?

If none has a right to put an end to a life

Given by God, the creator, how I get that right?


What a fall of standard-ethical and moral

A mahatma is the need of the day to guide!

Values the nation cherished for long be revived

Let us get back that golden era- Almighty!


Post TAMIL NEW YEAR, VISHU, GUDI PADWA and BAISHAKI festivals, let us all resolve to arrest this trend. Thanks.


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