The blogger in Bangalore- background Vidhan Soudha! Photo: N.S.Ramnath


How nicely it is said that “Time and Tide Waits For None”!

Yes it is 415th day since I floated my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com in which today I am posting my FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH post. How fast the time has flown away!

My esteemed Viewers may kindly recollect my posts TALE OF A BLOGGER from Part I to Part VIII- once in every FIFTY posts.

Well! I have several things to share with you under this theme and topic today.

Looking Back:

A poet wrote

We look before and after

And pine for what is not

Our sweetest songs are those

That tell of saddest thoughts!

Our sweetest songs need not necessarily be saddest thoughts; more times than any other, there are ever so many pleasant thoughts that are sweetest! One such sweetest thought is my life as a blogger!

Some details on the above topic which appear to be interesting to me-at least!

Part I posted on 03/05/2015

Part II                   14/06/2015     Views            5462

Part III                  26/07/2015.                           9381- Views bet. II &III-3919

Part IV                  06/09/2015.                         13567-                   III&IV- 4186

Part V                   25/10/2015.                         18543-                    IV&V- 4976

Part VI                 17/12/2015.                          23743-                  V&VI- 5200

Part VII                24/01/2016                          28032-                 VI&VII- 4289

Part VIII              28/02/2016.                          32370-               VII&VIII- 4338

Part IX                  17/04/2016                          37612-                VIII&IX- 5242


This viewing the score is a great pastime to me –at least every half-an-hour I click and every three hours I record the same in a diary!

Indeed a good number of views around 100 a day acts as a tonic and rejuvenates my tired body and mind!

The children around me have also become addicts and the moment they return from the school, they go through the diary and feel happy or otherwise when it is not up to their own expectation!

What a strange experience of this blogger!

In the last Tale Part VIII, I shared with you all my experience with the Blogging University and my growing relationship with the Blogging Community of WORDPRESS. It continues to go and grow pleasant and strong, my enjoying their postings and in turn their enjoying mine!

There is a system of giving AWARDS to their community members and I am glad that ENVIUS THOUGHTS too earned TWO AWARDS in between my VIII and IX  tales.

Launching a BLOG, throughout the year and beyond posting daily without break even for a day- on all Sundays A SUNDAY STORY and Mondays through Saturdays an English poem all being viewed by more than 188 countries in the globe- increasing number of  views, comments and likes all providing a sense of satisfaction and an achievement, inspiring to continue further and further. I only thank with all my heart the Lord, the Creator and the Goddess of LEARNING but for whose grace and kindness, I am too small and too difficult it is to continue with this literary pursuit.

Here are some figures of interest on the top viewing countries in terms of Views all time together:

India                                       9,158

United States                        3,813

Pakistan                                 3505

Myanmar (Burma)                 3,101

Iraq                                          1,751

Cambodia                               1,597

Albania                                    1,314.


TOP Topics in terms of views all time together:

(1) National Cancer Survivors Day (US)  8,790  (more than ten months)

(2) A CANCER PATIENT’S PRAYER           4137 (just less than three months)

(3) World Day Against Child Labor            1,489

Here is an insight, as I feel, into the psychology of my esteemed viewers. The first one was posted on 7/6/2015 and the second one on 19/1/2016.

Probably there are so many affected by the killer disease CANCER and they/ their relatives/well wishers/ general readers pray for them in the world and hence out of the 450 posts these two are on top. I also join them in reciting my prayer for the well being of those who suffered/ still suffering to get cured.

People at large are worried about child labor and something connected with this attracts attention and hence it occupies third position.

I am indeed delighted at the way some of my esteemed viewers react and give feed back to me on my posts and I am ever grateful to them for their generous appreciation and support.

A blogger is inspired, enthused and encouraged by the number of views on his posts and the comments/criticisms/appreciation/ feedback received from his esteemed viewers from all over the globe. In that angle, I feel I am blessed and receive aplenty. They are shared with my viewers in the following formats:

1 VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS.(of Mr. ORK Sivagnanam of Erode, Tamilnadu) Part IX is to be published shortly.

2 VOICE OF THE VIEWER ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS.(of Mr. Rajeev Jha of Bhagalpur) Part II is to be posted shortly.

3.COMMENTS CONSOLIDATED ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS. Part II Comments received up-to 6/4/2016 was published on 10th instant.

(All these are available in the Archives)

Very interesting indeed is my LIFE’S SECOND PASSION viz my BLOG “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” and I do hope and am confident that by HIS grace, I will carry on with my daily activity on the blog !


N.V.Subbaraman in his study- seriously at his blog work.Photo: Srivalli.







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