“NATIONAL CIVIL SERVICE DAY” is today! (21/4/16)


The roof and crown of creation is man-the versatile

Knowledge, intelligence, duty, sincerity-fertile

To serve the society, nation and the world a great chance

And give the best to prosper with all joy and harmony!


We are born to rule and serve- a few to rule, some to serve

Serve the society through all source- private and Government

Well educated, qualified and mind to serve is nice

Dignity and self respect never to be compromised!!


“National Civil Service Day” is today- to honor

The loyal and devoted, dedicated and sincere;

Fitting it is to reward the honest and good each year

On this happy day – a great day to enthuse and inspire!


Self respect and dignity sure to be maintained by all

Not to fear punishment transfer- no bending knees-small;

Opening the car doors to political leaders mean

At that level staff are there to do- not at level high!


Civil servant being honored by the Vice-President of India.


Civil servants falling at the feet of a politician!?!?!?.


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