Haiku on FLOWERS




Flowers God’s great gift

Peace and poise, joy sure one gets

Nature moves quite swift!                                (1)


God alone designs

Flowers of great shapes and hues

Divinity reigns!                                                     (2)


Smooth and soft as cheeks

Of the new born babes in arms

Flowers on the plants!                                      (3)


Medicines they are

Flowers in His creation

Cure ones pains for sure!                                 (4)


God creates flowers

In gratitude adorn Him

His grace to shower!                                   (5)


Attractive colors

Divine artist alone can

Sure in His powers!                                     (7)


Planet among stars

Flowers amidst the leaves green

Good among evils!                                             (8)


Natural flowers

Nothing equals in color

Nor in aroma

Nature‘s showers

Divine powers!                                                   (9)


Lotus and jasmine

Fine creations of nature

None to undermine!                                       (10)


Beautiful peacock in flowers.






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