Indian Art, Lord Shiva,   Gods Dance, Indian God, Shiva Shakti, Hindu Gods


“Not by bread alone man lives” says an old adage

Man the roof and crown of great creation for age

With feelings and emotions reigning most of times

Art and culture, crafts and fine arts take beyond times!


Ancient art is dance- a great culture built it

Modern and medieval, eastern and western hit

In India revered as -natya kala -divinity

Lord Shiva in HIS dance- a part of trinity!


This day a significant day- to celebrate

International Dance Day-all appreciate

Let us felicitate all artists of all shades

And wish them progress spreading peace and harmony!


Different forms and  styles of dance all over the world

With cultural, spiritual significance bold

All spreading joy and peace, serenity to hold

Let us pay respects to all the artists around!





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